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    Feb 2010
    which do i choose? ford escape or ford focus??? fight!

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    Jul 2011
    choose the new explorer hehehe... its gorgeous in personal..
    if it cant be helped id go for the escape

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    Aug 2004
    Neither. Get this:

    2007 Ford Focus TDCi - Car Finder Buy and Sell New Used Cars Philippines 2011

    Diesel power, very low mileage, great value.

    But seriously... the Escape is good value for the money... pretty cheap... but the Focus is a better car.

    You might want to clarify what you need from a vehicle and what your price range is... there are more cars out there than just the Escape and the Focus...

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Aug 2010
    based in my experience mas okey ang focus diesel 6speed AT mabilis ang pick-up niya sa accelerator pag biglaan apak ba, pedal to the metal, sa escape delay siya yun lang napansin ko, pareho lang naman ang price niyan morethan 1m....

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    Nov 2011
    You Might want to consider thinking on buying other cars, I just bought a BRAND NEW FORD ESCAPE from GLOBAL CITY.
    Dealerof the YEAR daw sila from 1999-Present. SO I said, they had good reputation so I'd better buy one from them. But the unit I got, first 1000Kms, nagloko na ang electrical ng ESCAPE and I asked then to replace my unit since Ive been back and forth already. I told them the reason why I didnt buy a second hand is to avoid hassles sa mga papagawa. Parang it seems like i will be having a hell of a ride with this one. Mukhang papahirapan nila ako palitan ang unit, dahil hindi daw ganun kadali yun. ANg gusto ata nila mangyari ay gagawin nila ang sira then observe muna daw ulit. They keep saying thesame things. Haay sana mapalitan ang unit ko, anybody had thesame problems with a brandnew car?

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    Feb 2005
    You might want to describe the electrical problem you are having... but as far as brand new car issues there are loads here just check the other brand forums. Hyundai Accent issues are still on going, there was the issues with the d4d engines of toyota in the fortuners, kia picanto 2011 fuel consumption issues on the AT variant, etc... so sad to say you are not the only person with new car issues even for 2011-2012.

    If you mean ford escape issues... i havent read any though i have not been looking for reviews or blogs either.

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    Jul 2011
    EXPLORER!EXPLORER!EXPLORER! sayang lang money mo pag dumating na new models nung 2... explorer new model

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    Jan 2012
    *halebye mine too have a problem of all new explorer from global city, the unit is just 21days old, release last Dec 29 2011, had a problem on unusual rattle sound from dash board and lift gate hydraulic easily pull out from socket, I am also demand for change of new units, pina hold namin sa bank yun payment to ford, since the bank hasn't release the payment to them, sabi rin nila pinaguusapan ng management, isipin mo wait for long time for the arival of units and have lots of demand from dealers then makuha mo ganito yung units?...!!

    is there possible na mapalitan yun unit? or aayusin nalang nila? but what if in coming months may masira ulit?

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    Feb 2005
    If I were u, don't get the Escape. I looked at the display model while waiting for my Explorer to be released. The door is exactly the same as our Tribute, light and mukhang cheap ang pagkakagawa. Pati design ng door handle pareho sa Tribute. Baka pag mabangga, wasak agad ang pinto.

    *apple5: Baka matagalan pag replace ng unit since mahaba ang pila and limited pa ang supply. Pag pinaayos mo naman, problema di pa kabisado ng casa yan kc bago pa. Yung liftgate hydraulic baka pwd mo patingin sa labas kaso mavo-void ang warranty.

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    Jan 2012
    *3ple4 yun hydrolic and glove compartment madali lg palitan ng ford,problem is yun rattle sound which di nila alam kung saan galing yun ingay! Since bago yun unit and all parts now is plastic assembly,once tinangal mo siya mahirap n ibalik!baka gawin experiental yun unit ko,kaya demand ko talaga mapalitan nila kahit matagal pila,since 2wks pa lang units ko,di pa binabayaran ng banko ko yun ford,as of now pinahold ko muna yun full payment,biruin mo yun bank di rin sila papayag na yun morgates nilang car may problem,di pa madecide ng ford kung papalitan nila siyempre gusto nila ayusin nalang,sa kin gusto ko palitan nila!
    After 3months of long wait! Binigay natin lahat ng demand ng dealer,then eto yun makuha mong unit! nakaka asar

buying ford next month