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    Feb 2009
    kamusta po mga bossing last friday po umalis ako.... hiniram ko ung expy ng dad ko... nung papagasolinahan ko na sabi po nung attendant sakin lahat daw po e-10 na except blaze.... eh ang mahal po... tulong naman po kung may advised na ang ford philippines kung pwede na gumamit ng e-10 ang ford expy 2002... salamat po and hope to here some advise from you guys tnx again

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    Nov 2008
    ang alam ko pag fuel injection na auto mo , puede na e10 sa iyo, baka yung mga mas lumang model ang magkakaproblema, check mo manual mo, hope it helps...

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    Oct 2002
    From what I know, the Ford XP can run on E10 gasoline. The issue is since most XPs don't get used often, the fuel in the tank can spoil causing rough running engine and low power.

    E10 gasoline can spoil in the gas tank in as little as three weeks.

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    Jul 2003
    if you are saying that E10 gasoline will spol in the gas tank in as little as 3 weeks, then how about while it is still in storage at the gas stations tank?
    In the end, the E10 blend will be diluted with spoiled gasoline, as weeks passes, so the dilution process will be adding up.

2002 ford expedition pwede po b mgpagas ng E-10