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    Oct 2002
    seriously ano ba difference nitong dalawa in terms of taste? isa lang ang manufacturer eh.

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    Jul 2007
    I love Flat Tops.

    I think the difference is on the texture. Flat tops is smoother while curly tops is grainier.
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    Mar 2010
    daming free time ni shadow ha. kung ano ano lang naiisip.

    yung first pic mabibili ng paisa isa. yung 2 pic by box na.

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    Feb 2008
    hindi ko sure kung ano talaga difference pero mas trip ko yung flat tops than curly tops

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    Sep 2005
    pareho lang naman sila.. magkaiba lang packaging.. curly tops yata came out first.. tapos flat tops para pwede per piece..

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    Oct 2008
    flat tops is softer. wrapped in striped plastic and an inner silver wrap. if some flat tops melts over the inner silver wrap, that's when you get crumbles.

    curly tops is drier, harder, crumbly and if it is still presented in mini cupcake form, you'll get a lot of curly side rib crumbles wasted. sometimes it tastes weird, probably a lack of chocolate or sugar or abundance of salt.

    flat tops is better than curly tops overall. curly tops wins the cuteness factor

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