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    Aug 2003
    sir kimpoy, curious lang ako...pano nyo nakunan ng pic? spy satellite? Google Maps?

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    Aug 2005
    sigurado namang insured un e. hassle lang ng me-ari ung matagal bago matapos ma-repair ung car nya.

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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by rst619
    I am sure kung ikaw o kaibigan mo ung me ari ng Ferrari e baka mura ka na ng mura sa truck driver.
    Ah, syempre naman I would. Yun eh kung yung truck driver ang wala sa lane. As it is, the red car was the one infringing on the truck's lane, at a glance. Pwede rin na sumisignal na yung Ferrari na change lane na siya, pero tuloy-tuloy pa rin yung truck. Either way, sayang yung oto, is all. At hindi kasalanan ng kotse mismo. Remember, the part of the car that causes the most accidents is the nut holding the steering wheel.

    Quote Originally Posted by rst619
    Kaya nyang bumili ng Ferrari bakit mo nasabing mayabang na. Naaangasan ka ba dahil hindi mo afford magdrive ng Ferrari even for a day?
    Understand this, kid: you can bet your balls that I have enough sense NOT to buy and drive a Ferrari in these parts, given the money and the opportunity. I can be equally satisfied in owning a less flashy automobile, such as a Mazda 3 or a Mitsubishi Lancer, with the rest of the money going to more practical concerns.

    I am a HUGE fan of Ferrari cars, particularly the Enzo. But show me one on Macapagal Ave. or the South Super Highway, or C5, and I will only shake my head. Why? Ferraris are too good for Philippine roads, and the picture on the first page of this thread perfectly illustrates my point. This is something that some people miss, blinded by the understandable but sometimes misplaced admiration for a Ferrari.

    Otherwise, kung kaibigan ko yung may-ari nun, all I can offer is this simple rebuke: "'Tol, alam mo namang maraming baragas na truck driver dito, nilabas mo pa yung Ferrari. Ouch talaga, sana yung Exped na lang muna ginamit mo."
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    Oct 2002
    #34 is there sa site ng admu.we usually have security updats from our site..lahat ng mga pangyayari around the campus.minsan pati yung mga criminals na nahuhuli sa katipunan nilalagay sa board namin.

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    Oct 2002
    testarossa ba o 512TR? i can't tell.

    anyway, accidents happen. hindi naman natin alam kung nagbabarumbado si Ferrari driver (unless one of you were there) so wag muna natin husgahan. about driving a Ferrari on Philippine streets, let's not be haters ;) most of us here would love to own a Ferrari if we could afford it, and mas masarap batukan pa yung mga bumibili ng Ferrari at hindi naman ginagamit...

    Quote Originally Posted by mrpink
    baka may butiki sa loob ng ferrari ..

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    Sep 2005
    estimated 18m ang price? parang sobrang mahal naman nyang testarosa na yan, eh ang iba nga nyan ay 20 years old na.

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    Dec 2003
    vintage e. mas lalo pa atang nagmamahal yan

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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by mrpink
    mayabang man o hindi .. it's a good thing nothing really untoward happened .. pero .. still .. that's still a ferrari .. deym .. sa computer ko lang na d-drive yan ..
    hahahahaha!!! ok na icebreaker a! ako nga ni sa computer game di ko pa sya na-da-drive!! :bwahaha:

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    May 2004
    nyah!!! only in the phils. totoong ferrari ba yun? baka naman gawa sa cavite ang body tapos surplus engine...hehe.
    kawawang insurance...

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    Oct 2002
    i think its cool to have a ferrari in our country.

    Make our country cool din heheheheheheh

    The more ferrari here ibig sagihin gumaganda economy hehehehehe

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Ferrari collided with a Truck in Katipunan