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    Oct 2002
    this is not me but i helped a friend of mine propose to his GF.

    the girl used to work in the same company as me, but in a different department. i asked the manager of her department to tell her that she should attend a 'company dinner' on friday afternoon on the intracoastal waterway here. in reality, my friend would be waiting for her there with roses, candles, a rented yacht with crew, and a diamond ring.

    needless to say, she was very surprised when she showed up...they had dinner while cruising around the miami harbor as the sun was setting, then had the boat drop them off at a hotel for the weekend. oh, and she said yes

    when i told the story to my wife, she gave me a strange "i think i married the wrong guy" :bwahaha:

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    Sep 2006
    Buhayin natin ito, valentine next week e:frenchyf1: :foryou: :loveshower: :sweet: :date:

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    Nov 2006
    yihheee!! oo nga!! hahaha!!! 41404 wweee after dinner watched Boys II Men under the stars with the stars... hehehehe awww those were the days... lol

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    Oct 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeus View Post
    Buhayin natin ito, valentine next week e:frenchyf1: :date:
    OO nga......Kaso, kanina pa ako nagiisip, wala yata ako talagang nagawang romatic sa Esmi ko , except pagiging Good Provider

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    Oct 2002
    sweetest thing?

    i think marrying my ex-gf (now my wife) is the sweetest thing i did, because for one, i married her, just after getting my board exams license, even though my job really pays me low that time. i remember that time when i proposed to her, i gave her my PRC license. nung tinanong nya ako is bakit ko binigay sa kanya, sinabi ko sa kanya na "this will be a proof that i can support you if you marry me..." sabay hirit ng "pakasal na tayo..." iyak sya nun sa harapan ko eh. considering i was only 23 years old that time.

    second sweetest thing is getting married, two years after the proposal, expenses all on me, without getting the help from her and from my parents. alam nya yun.

    the third sweetest thing is when i gave her a diamond ring during our 10th year anniversary. (by the way, we are celebrating our 14th anniversary this year....)

    and the last sweetest thing i did, is always being there with her, during the rough times of our marriage. stuck with her, all the way during the times i was non-existent at home and when we had our marital problems during the 7th year of our marriage.

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by ;22968
    anu yung sa tingin nyo sweetest na nagawa nyo tsaka unusual.. pwedeng gift...... blah blah...
    Gave her my paycheck......all of it. That's why she's so understanding if I didn't have a gift for her. She also has my credit cards, my checkbook....

    What else..... Petitioned her mom. Petitioned one of her nieces...... Put the house to her name..... Made her the number 1 beneficiary of my life insurance....... if I die, she's going to be one rich woman....
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    Sep 2006
    Niyaya ko siyang (yes, my wife ) mamasyal sa Mall of Asia sabay nuod ng T-Rex sa Imax last Saturday- Tagal na rin nya kasing gustong manuod dun out of curiousity.

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    Oct 2002
    pinakasalan ko ehehe...

    romantic dinners nung mag gf-bf pa lang kami

    nung xmas...she swiped my credit card 4x with a wide grin, tuwang tuwa kse puro gift ko sa kanya un. Ngayon i'm still paying haha

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    Dec 2005
    sobrang romantic nga boys a.... hehehhe! teka ano ba ginawa ko sa asawa ko na nasiyahan sya....

    nun mag gf-bf pa kami, tatawagan ko sya ng 2am to say natutulog ka na? hehehe! then we say i love you.

    i-manicure ko sya, at linisin ang kanyang tenga. gustong-gusto nya yun. hehhe!

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    Mar 2005
    yun tiisin ko biyenan ko

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sweetest thing u done to ur girlfriend/wife?