Stressed Out Asians Have Least Active *** Lives

SINGAPORE -- Stressed-out Asians have the least active *** lives globally with nine countries and territories from the region making up the bottom 10 in terms of love-making.

According to a survey made by condom maker Durex, Japan was bottom of the list of 41 countries and territories covered by this year's Durex survey.

Japanese had *** an average of 45 times annually, less than half the global average of 103 and far behind that of Greece which topped the poll with 138 romps a year.

In second place behind Greece was Croatia with 134 times a year, followed by Serbia and Montenegro at 128 times.

Britons were more fired up than the Americans, having *** 118 times a year compared with 113 for the United States, but the French were more amorous still with 120.

Holland tied with Poland with 115 love-making sessions a year, while Australians had *** an average 108 times.

Singaporeans ranked second-last with 73. Indians (75), Indonesians (77), Hong Kong residents (78), Malaysians (83), Vietnamese (87), Taiwanese (88) and China (96 times a year) were the other Asians ranked as having the lowest libido.

The Swedes were the only non-Asians in the bottom 10, with 92 love-making sessions a year. The Thais had *** an average 97 times a year.

The stress of living in fast-paced Asia, home to some of the world's fastest growing economies, could be the reason why couples make love less, Durex said.

"There are some people who think that," said Cesar Balota, Durex country manager for Singapore and Indonesia. "If you look in fact at the East Asian economies, they are the ones that are moving faster."

More than 317,000 people from 41 countries, cities and territories participated in Durex's ninth annual survey on ***ual attitudes and behavior.


Mga Hapon kasi, workaholics, pero, yung 45 times lang na "*** encounters" anually with their wives, average niyan wala pang 4 na beses per month! Ganun lang?

He-he! Diyan talo ng Pinoys ang mga Hapon at Singaporeans! Mga Pinoys
kasi, TIGASIN!