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    Jan 2006
    ako, I prefer shopping alone.... I REALLY HATE IT when may kasma ako na sobrang nagmamadali na tipong 2nd shop pa lang yung napuntahan ko... Or, I'll think na what to buy a day brfore I plan to go shopping para at least diretso na dun sa certain shop. Kasi pag may kasama ako, ayoko silang abalahin pag nagmamadali sila or something..... or kung may kasama ako, dapat matagal din sya bumili para hiwalay kami and meet na lang kami sa isang place.

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    Oct 2002
    ako ganito...

    "punta muna ako sa ____ah text mo na lang ako pag tapos ka na...or kung tapos ka na nasa gonuts donuts lang ako" he..he

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    Jan 2006
    yummy, Gonuts Donuts..makadaan nga mamya pag-uwi ko.... hehehe....

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    Sep 2005
    Kaya minsan hindi na ako sinasama ni misis pag nag so-shoping sya.

    Uwi na kasi ako ng bahay pag hindi nya natapos within an hour you shopping nya.

    Heheheee... mainitin lang talaga ulo ko dati, ngayon eh hindi na.

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    Aug 2003
    well, food is always the best fallback gift B)

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    Dec 2003
    last time we went to megamall, i just told my wife to shop till she dropped while I window shopped around cyberzone, electronics and PCs lang solve na ako hehe

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    Oct 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by yebo8
    ang oa nyo!

    the best way to go shopping with a girl, whether she be your friend, gf or wife, is to ENJOY IT. yes brothers, enjoy it!

    if she goes trying every outfit she fancies, suggest some more. make comments. ask her to try it on and come out of the dressing room to show it to you. tell her what you think, bagay ba sa kanya o hindi. shopping for skirts, get that micromini and beg her to try it on!

    shopping with a friend lang pero trip nyo siya? do more of the above! get her a dress that shows more skin and ask her to try it. beg her to come out of the dressing room and strut her stuff before you! yes, ganun lang yun! e di enjoy ka pa lalo na plunging neckline or micromini yun dress di ba!

    shoes? if she's looking for sandals get her those big clogs that YOU REALLY HATE, ask her to try them on and then burst out laughing. i guarantee you she will never try them things again. get her some nice, svelt shoes and shower her with praises on how taller and ***ier she looks wearing them and she'll wear those shoes for the next 6 months, guaranteed. do you know what that means? 6 months no shopping for new shoes!

    nasa lingerie section kayo? hahaha, dyan ang favorite section ko when i'm shopping with my wife! i get the flimsiest, ***iest outfit and wave it before her. AND WITH EVERYONE WITHIN EARSHOT LISTENING I SAY, "HONEY ITO SUOT MO MAMYANG GABI!" get those red itsy-bitsy see thru panties and tell her how you'd like to peel those off her tonight! who cares who's listening, ano ngayon kung marinig ng ibang tao! hehehe! inggit lang sila! i just love how my wife blushes when i do that! and the sales ladies too, inggit sila sa misis ko kasi daw game asawa nya magshopping!

    yes boys, that's how i do it. really! oh yes, the sales ladies will laugh (talk about being able to flirt with those sales ladies in front of your wife hehehe!) or the old lady behind will blush, but hey man! i enjoy it. not just for me. i enjoy it for my wife!

    di nyo alam kiliti ng mga babae! hehehe! enjoy them while they're around bros! in 25 years time they will be as old as you and then saka nyo sila mami-miss. then you'll say "remember when we still had good pairs of knees and we can go shopping the whole day and i used to get blah blah blah....." it will depend on what you do now with her what those "blah blah blah..." will be. will those be good memories or not so good, it's your choice dudes!
    Yup. Enjoy it.

    Naiinip ako minsan sa paghihintay pero I love to make my wife happy.

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    Aug 2005
    nasa coffee shop lang ako meet na lang tayo after 1 hour.

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    Oct 2002
    i hate shopping, so for us it's all about compromise. when the itch comes i toss her the car keys and the Amex, and let her go off while i play videogames/internet, work out or play hoops.

    pagbalik namin kung anu-ano na ang bago, whether it be clothes, furnishings, hair, nails or whatever. just have to be extra-observant to notice and compliment the new stuff kundi mababatukan na naman

    oh, and she'll bring me home some ribs or pasta from our favorite places so happy din ako

    kung sinamahan ko siya pareho lang kaming asar so it's not worth it for either of us.

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    Nov 2002
    also sometimes the girls/asawa/gf did not get to buy anything despite spending the whole day sa mall, kase they cannot really decide what to buy. Pag dating sa bahay magagalit na sana daw binili nya na lang ang blouse na sinukat! tapos parang tayo pa mga lalaki ang may kasalanan na hindi sila pinilit na bilhin ang gusto nila!

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shopping for a girl ... aaaaaaarrrrgggghhh!