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    Nov 2005

    that happens

    If all dads would get a paternity on their kids, there would definitely be a lot of surprises...

    "kaya pala kamukha ng driver namin yung bunso ko"

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    Jul 2006
    I think we need to know what went on in that small fight when she found out you were reading her messages. Did she mention anything at all about what the messages were, who they were intended for, etc?

    After reading your last account I cannot help but ask, at this point, do you still trust her? Are you still willing to risk more trust (in case they don't hold true)? The reason I'm asking, is that even if you're definitely doing your part and trying to get things back into perspective, perhaps the wife is also testing you at this point whether you'll still trust her regardless of what she did. Alam mo naman ang babae, they like to test their significant others once in a while.

    I just don't see why she has to be that secretive to you, however. Parang she's playing around with your curiosity na rin from what I've been reading. The temptation to shell out the same amount of damage to the offending guy can be done in many ways, and does not have to be this soon. At this point you don't know if he's still contacting her, and more importantly, if your wife is still in contact with him as well. If you're really bent into satisfying your urge to "bark" and make your presence known, you must also consider that you do not know this person and he might also get back at you and deal significantly more damage, as somebody has already mentioned above. Just be prepared for that kind of reaction from them.

    In the end maybe the phone bill will tell all what the numbers were, maybe you can do a bit of investigation yourself, but at this point the ice is thin and if somebody makes a mistake, everybody will fall. Tread carefully.

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    Oct 2002
    It is time to put your demands on the proverbial table IF she still wants the marriage to work. For one, SHE is the one who needs to prove she can be trusted and not the other way around. If she finds the need to hide things from you, you might as well ask her to pack up her bags and look for another place to stay.

    It might sound harsh but if you are trying to be soft to her current situation, it will not help you.

    Set the condition if she plans to come back, she has to cut off ALL & ANY communication with the guy, she has to change her simm card, personal privacy of her celfone and EMAIL is suspended. And both of you will have to see a marriage counsellor.

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    Jan 2006
    I think it's time the thread starter and his wife saw a shrink for privacy's sake at the very least. Does the wife know their problems are being discussed here? I'm starting to think the problems are deep enough to require exposing aspects of personal life far too private for this site considering this forum is nothing more than a glorified gossip site.

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    Aug 2007
    huwag na i-pursue kung ano man ang balak sa other guy.
    pagtuunan na ng pansin kung paano mare-revive ang had 2 weeks of small successes already...well, it will not happen overnight. huwag magmadali. re-build your trust on her.
    palitan na ang lahat ng contact numbers--celphone and landline--para maputol ang communication ng dalawa (if ever on-going pa). you have to tell your partner that HER cooperation is needed here kasi kung hindi nya help sarili nya to give it up, surely magtu-tuloy-tuloy pa rin ang emotional relationship.

    good luck!

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    Oct 2007
    One solution is for you to hire a Private investigator (PI).

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    Oct 2006
    like me
    Damn, son! Where'd you find this?

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    Sep 2005
    [SIZE=1]Watching this thread...[/SIZE]:popcorn:

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    Oct 2002
    i highly recommend that you try to take your mind off of things for a while and drown your sorrows at Air Force One....

    ....sama kami

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    Oct 2002
    nag double post sa excitement :D

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