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    Feb 2010
    my engine does not start sometimes.a lot of mechanics already inspected it.everytime i encounter this problem,we just move the relays and fuses then the car finally starts.all of them said that it's electrical:might be a busted relay or fuse or lose connection somewhere.but 2 days ago when i encountered the problem again,we tried to do the usual,moving the fuses,but it still didn't start.i brought the car to a shop and the mechanic said that it's the rotor(beside the engine) that has to be replaced.di naman tumitirik yung car or namamatay engine while running.di lang siya nag-istart after a break.

    what other possible causes could have brought my problem?

    one thing that pisses me off is that they said and promised that it would be fast to fix but until now they haven't done anything yet.everytime i go there they always tell me, "bukas po ok na 'to".nakakapagod kaya magbyahe from pasig to bocaue.they said the owner is not yet back in their shop and that he's still looking for parts.they could not find distributors daw.

    how much po yung rotor na yun for a toyota corolla 16v engine?

    is it really that hard to find it?

    the name of the shop is auto motion(if i remember it right) just beside nlex bocaue's aap accredited.the towing peeps brought me there.

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    Jul 2009
    Is it the rotor inside the distributor . Its not that expesive there an auto supply in Banawe Toyocars and Toyorama were you can fine good rotor for your Toyota 16V engine.

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    Oct 2009
    Base on your statement and recount on the symptoms of your car, the first problem was intermittent in nature, so its much more difficult to diagnose it for, the technician/mechanic has a small chance of determining its causes because of the limited appearance of the symptoms, but when it didn't start after a break, then the technician has a full time of diagnosing it properly, since you car is a corolla 16V, it is a carburated engine with a electronic ignition system. The rotor is part of that electronic ignition system, it could be that, or ignition coil, distributor cap, igniter, or the positive supply lines.

    The Distributor Rotor is widely available in many auto shop, for its the same with the 3A-U engine (with igniton coil inside the distributor) and 1S Engine, it should cost no more than P200.

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