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    Quote Originally Posted by waldnerdoe View Post
    no sir. when i changed the oil filter after resting the engine for 12 hours, the filter is almost empty, thus, depriving the engine during start-up which is the function of the adbv to prevent the oil in the filter to go back to the sump. it is not overfilled. isuzu 4jk1-tc engine has 7 liters of oil recommended.
    There is a possibility thay you may have encountered a defective filter if that's the case. Since one of the official distributors of VIC filters is already carrying JS Asakashi filters as well. So I doubt that one defective filter damages the whole brand besides JS Asakashi filter is also sold in Australia, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brunei and etc... if they are a bad quality filter then other countries will not buy their product. If one the offical VIC filter distributor is shifting on selling JS Asakashi filters then that signals something about VIC filters. Do you have any proof of testing about what your saying is true? It's hard to believe in just hearsays of a new member without testing evidences, proper facts and examinations.

    There is a video online showing a testing of Dai-wa, VIC and JS Asakashi oil filters.

    Dai-wa, VIC & JS Asakashi oil filter pressure test 2020 - YouTube

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    Dec 2013
    By the way guys I found videos of air filters on Youtube, they tested the filtration capabilities of K&N, BMG, WIX, Purolator and etc... and the myths of K&N, BMG and other washable filters have been finally debunked. Here are the testing videos about O.E. vs. washable performance filters.

    The tests shows that bigger micron flour, sand and iron dusts can pass through more on the washable performance filters with the oil applied on them than standard O.E. type filters. What more for the smaller sized particles like fine particles from electric powerplants, factories, cement dusts, brake dusts and etc... it will wear the engine faster than its normal life.

    1st video by Project Farm
    Which Car Air Filter is Best? Let's find out! Fram, K&N, Wix, Purolator, & AC Delco showdown - YouTube

    2nd video by bhvrdr
    Do performance air filters like BMC, K&N, Sprint let more sand and dust than OEM and is it worth it? - YouTube

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