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    Nov 2008
    mga paps,kakatapos lang ng general overhaul ng auto kohalos lahat pinalitan.piston and ring oversize na pina rebore ko din yung block timing chain,timing guide,tensioner,valve guide,valve seal,pin bushing pati pala cylinder head ko pina machine shop din halos lahat pinalitan na ako nalang nag luma!kahapon lang sya natapos gawin meron parin sya usok normal lang po ba to?pero manipis na po yung usok nya.pano ba tamang break in?may napansin din pala ako pabago bago yung menor ng auto ko sabi mekaniko ko pa overhaul ko daw sa kamuning.mga ilang days pa kaya bago mawala yung usok?ako pala yung my ride na nissan lec na nagpa top overhaul tapos hindi nawala yung usok.pls reply tnx

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    May 2007
    Halos lahat pinalitan, pero meron ka pang nakalimutan na hindi pinalitan..DRIVER.

    Give it a few days..
    Smoking a little because some oil's remains in the exhuast system
    also replace the PCV valve.

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    Feb 2004

    I was in the same situation, Newly overhauled but noticed bad idle and high fuel consumption. Yung connection ng vacuum to the MAP sensor was broken by the mechanics alalay at tinapalan lang ng epoxy. Kaya mausok pa din.

    I suggest you take out the plugs and observe fuel consumption. Pag maitim yung tips, something is wrong with the fuel air mixture. Patroubleshoot mo din yung vacuum system at menor mo.

    Im not sure kung recommended to ng iba, but I also put water into the tailpipe and let is soak a few minutes. Turn on the engine and youll see that carbon deposits are expelled. This helps clear up the deposits from the tailpipe which could make your exhaust smoke black.

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    Nov 2008
    paps,ano po ba yung pcv valve?tnx

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    May 2007
    A pcv valve is actually a Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve. It allows gases from the crankcase to enter the combustion chamber and be burned and expelled through the exhaust system.

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    Jan 2006
    Pag naka break in stage ka pa talagang medyo mausok pa rin. Hindi pa lapat ang rings mo. Sa break in abrassion without glazing ang importante. Once nag glaze na ang walls di na makapasok ang oil then metal to metal na, your break in will be a failure. Re honing will be necessary.

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    Jan 2008
    Causes of glazing:

    1. Break-in with inadequate load and subnormal operating temperature e.g. excessive idling.

    2. Break-in with too much load and excessive temperature.

    I did my break-in by cycling the car (BN) between 80 or 90kph and 60 kph for 30 minutes (H-way driving), let it cool and start again. No 5th gear for first 200kms, no engine lugging, with oil change at 500 km, 1000km, then normal oil change schedule.

general overhaul