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    Oct 2002
    A lot of people don't seem to understand how calibration works, what it does to your engine, how much it costs, how to diagnose if it needs it and other stuff.

    I was thinking of putting up a sticky thread for everybody to read before throwing all kinds of questions for everybody to be informed and educated on the subject matter.

    I may be raising some eyebrows with this action as anybody might ask, "who are you to teach us?" there may be more but it's up to you guys. I am just trying to help so that when you need that kind of service, you know what to say to a diesel mechanic, what problems to tell him, what to look out for on cost estimates and what kind of shops to avoid.

    If anyone is interested, post your questions below and add to it by copy and then pasting it to another post. I'll set the break point at 15 questions.

    Hope this will help everybody.

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    Oct 2002
    This is cool.

    You can start with what are the tell-tale signs that calibration will be needed before moving on to the process itself. Also, what are the signs that it doesnt need calibration but some other type of service to help people from being duped.

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    Sep 2004
    Here's my question Doc,

    my td42 seems to be chokig on third gear especially on high revs and on hil climbs. During morning warm ups it suddenly drops its rpm down to 1500. But once the engine heats up it normalizes. I changed the fuel filters already.

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    Oct 2005
    hi Doc Diesel, i myself personally appreciate your concern for the fact that zero talaga ako theoretically sa makina. i suspect the information involved would be a massive one but is it possible for you to draw up a calibration basics first (like in a nutshell) para nga maintindihan ko, in layman's terms? and then progressively, we can go on with the problems and symptoms and on with solutions, etc.

    in my case, somebody told me that my 4m40 ay medyo malakas ang konsumo and maybe needs calibration or something. isa pa, when i press on the accelerator, hindi agad umaarangkada, there's a delay bago mag-pick-up.


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    Oct 2002
    so I got:

    1. Tell tale signs to look out for.
    2. Signs or what to look out for other types of services.
    3. Engine diagnosis [somewhat related to tell tale signs].
    4. Calibration flow chart with solutions.

    anybody else? can we have the mods make this or the new thread a sticky one?

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    Jan 2003
    Doc Diesel,

    my 94 hi-ace(2L engine) is strating to emit black smoke lalu na pag medyo napalakas apak mo sa pedal. pinakita ko sa denso(banawe) sabi nila injector tips daw papalitan... parts and labor 4K++... then he added kung di maalis usok calibration na ng pump kelangan... so now di ko pa ninagawa... still would like to know more about the signs kung injector tip ba o calibrate na agad...

    to add, engine power is still the same as before... consumo sa krudo ganun pa rin city driving nasa 7-8 kms with dual aircon... pero mausok lang talaga

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    Jan 2005
    4. Calibration flow chart with solutions.

    <--- is this the same as listing what exactly happens when doing calibration, what tools used, etc?

    this is a nice thread, +1 on making this a sticky. :D

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    Mar 2003
    pasali narin. what if ang laki ng tinaas ng emission testing ko. same shop naman and equipment from .39 to .38 to 1.1 na. sabi ng tester next year babagsak na raw ako. calibration ba ang kailangan. local 4m40 engine 6 years old with 65 k on the odometer.

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    Oct 2005
    kaylan po ba kaylangang magpa-calibrate? 5 years na 4d56 ko,ginagawa ko lang lagi ko lang nililinis strainer ko.ok lang ba yun doc? 143,000 odometer

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    Oct 2002
    ako po 77,000km odometer ko and i feel i need a calibration na din since last time ko was 2001 pa. just had me tips replaced 2 years ago....

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