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    Apr 2007
    sir(s),ask ko ride is mitsu lancer 94 glxi(A/T) * npansin ko na nmatay na pala ung makina ng walang indication or warning like panginginig.bale nasa stop and go traffic situation kmi * panay salida lmang ang takbo nmin den ng mag go go na di kmi umandar * npancin na lmang nmin na patay na pala ung makina.restart d engine * 1 click lmang,ano po kya problema noon?thanks and more power.

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    Feb 2006
    madaming pwedeng panggalingan ng problema bro.
    check the following
    -air filter
    - spark plugs
    - fuel filter
    anong gas kinakarga mo? stay with 95 RON and up

    btw, how's your servo?

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    Oct 2002
    If the idle is somewhat erratic, try to check your servo, it's a common problem on EFI cars as they age (had this problem on our Galant before).

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    Oct 2002
    feeling ko electrical related yung problem ng oto mo, pa check mo na din yung lines.
    kung fuel-related kasi yung problem, medyo pupukgak-pugak muna bago mamatay.

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    Sep 2007

    The same thing also happened to me before (my ride is an EFI vehicle also). It turned out my alternator was already defective. I had to have it replaced. Most probable reason your car shuts off is electrical. Have it checked by a competent shop, have him do an isolation test.

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    Apr 2007
    mga bro,thanks for your quick replies.btw,my gas is xcs(petron),air/fuel filter still ok,ung spark plugs 2yrs old na(platinum),my idle is ok d nman erratic den ung A/T oil 1month old bale bagong palit * k nman ang hatak.cguro pa check/service ko muna ung servo unit * pa chek ko din ung electrical system ko specially the alternator.btw,i'm using maintenance free battery bale 1yr and 6 monts old na un.ung ang ecu kya mga bro?thanks and more power to all of us.

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    Jun 2006
    Correct me if I'm wrong. AFAIK, if the alternator is defective, the battery take up the load, until its drained. Since you were able to restart the car, then that means your battery was still charged.

    Still, it won't hurt to have your electrical system checked.

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    Nov 2003
    i doubt it's the alternator.

engine shut off w/out any warning