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    Nov 2002
    Hello, my car dies everytime you hit the brakes hard or sudden stops. What could be causing it?

    BTW, it has an automatic trans and drum brakes on all fours. Carb powered.

    Thank you very much.

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    Oct 2002
    pero kapag hindi naman biglaan ang pag-preno hindi namamatay?

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    Jul 2003
    1. Does this happen only during warm-up (wala pa sa normal operating temp yung engine, pero pag normal na temp ok na)?

    2. When did your car started acting this way? after Change oil/tune-up, change coolant, repairs etc.?

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    May 2004
    pa chek mo ung vacuum valve from intake manifold me hose un going to brake booster or hydrovac.

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    Nov 2002
    I got it solved already. My carb has a low float level. I adjusted it up. More than 1/16 of the standard level. While at it, I changed the fuel filters. There are the two: one before the fuel pump and another before the carb.

    She runs fine again.

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    Jan 1970
    it feels good to have a perfectly running car.. what's your car?? from you're handle, i'd guess a beetle??

Engine dies when you hit the brakes hard.