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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by chakovsky
    Has anyone tried the japan made PxBio diesel and gasoline additive? Its supposed to cost 55 pesos per 5 ml with one ml added per 10 liters of fuel.
    holy kamote!! 55 petot per 5 ml? That's 11,000 petot per liter?! local biodiesel sells for only P120/liter max na yata yun. bili ka na lang ng local biodiesel, prepreho lang epek nyan. ;)

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    Nov 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by rsnald
    holy kamote!! 55 petot per 5 ml? That's 11,000 petot per liter?! local biodiesel sells for only P120/liter max na yata yun. bili ka na lang ng local biodiesel, prepreho lang epek nyan. ;)
    yan si master BD la ba tayo latak dyan or stage 2

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    May 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by nyll
    Try to use "Bravo" diesel fuel additive, I bought it in ACE HARDWARE. One month ko ng gamit sa pajero ko. Tangal itim na usok at malakas hatak.
    pre, yung bravo eh i think repacked ng Oberon additive inamoy ko eh parehas ang amoy it sells for 300+ better get the oberon 1 liter mas makakamura ka.

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    Nov 2005
    gud boy, the activ bd-100 really works great for all diesel engines.. approve pa nga siya sa DOE, its getting popupal and for me, mas cheap to kasi 1% lang gamit mo pang maintenance, d-max ko, before, everytime i step on the gas, (swoooosh) black smoke away.. hehe di na nga makita kotse ko sa likod.. hehe, but pag halo ko, parang nawala... works great for me...

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    May 2004
    i dont have anything about BIODIESEL but hindi kya mag sebo since pra syang mantika bka in the long run eh mag clog sa injectors. just to cents what do u think?

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    Nov 2005
    di cya mag sebo... ung activ bd-100 ay coconut based, infact, it cleans ur injectors from clogs that comes with the ordinary diesel which is very dirty

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    Mar 2008
    hi yup, our diesel here in the Philippines are just darn dirty, regular change oil would help alot for the engine to take off the smoke.
    but i've noticed kapag luma na talaga auto mo, i have old kia besta van, did a change engine, done change oil, pero ganun parin ma-usok parin, a friend recommended a diesel fuel additive, dahil puro usok na talaga our old van what's to loose so we tried this Fuel Saver additive called F2020(im not selling any product here its just tru, experience), one full tank of fuel is about 50 liters thats equivalent to 200ml o F2020 yun ang sabi kasi madumi daw diesel natin dito sa pinas, the the next fuel tank 100ml na lng, so i tried it for 3 full tank, na pansin ko na tangal talaga ang usok, regarding fuel economy, medyo tumipid, kasi my injectors seems clean dahil wala na usok, so i think it worked, but im not using any F2020 feul saver, kasi nakuha ko na gusto ko result, clean engine maybe ill just use it again on our rusty old besta van with japan surplus 2.5 liter diesel mazda engine, if bumalik yung dreded black smoke. its just something worth a try.

    this is just my 2 cents i hope i was able to enlighten you guys

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    Mar 2006
    +1 on the biodiesel. It has been proven by a lot of people who use it.

    And this is not because I sell the stuff either.

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    Mar 2008
    Dear Sirs:

    To clear up a misconception about bio-diesel, although it comes from biological sources - that is, plant, vegetable, or even animal fats, properly made bio-diesel, (usually methyl-esters) does NOT gel - (hindi nagsesebo).


    That's because the process of its manufacture is akin to soap-making.

    The dried, strained and filtered bio-oils are heated and then carefully mixed (in the right proportions) with a methoxide - a mixture of a strong base (usually sodium hydroxide - i.e. caustic soda) and anhydrous (water-free) methyl alcohol (methanol).

    This causes the gel-forming materials in the oil to separate out, forming layers of treated bio-diesel on top, followed by layers of glycerin and soap on the bottom.

    The resulting product must then be washed and dried.

    The more dirty and contaminated the source oil is, the more methoxide is needed to treat it and the more glycerin and soap will form.

    That was the whole purpose of the process - to remove the less desirable parts of the bio-oils. In fact, too much sodium hydroxide will convert almost all the oil to soap - think PERLA.

    However, it does not mean that untreated, straight vegetable oils (SVO's) CANNOT be used as a diesel fuel, indeed they can, its just more likely they will form gums, varnishes and gels in your engine when it gets too cold outside.

    Of course that problem is more serious in cold countries, like Europe and America, than here in the Philippines - except maybe if you live in Baguio.

    Another thing to remember is that although these parts of the bio-oils tend to clog the fuel lines and filters of your engine, they have the beneficial effect of increasing the fuel's LUBRICITY - its ability to lubricate the parts of the engine it gets into contact with.

    That means they help prolong the life of your injector nozzles and injection pump, by causing less wear and tear.

    A cursory examination of the many technical papers openly available on the internet will indeed confirm that a little bit of bio-oil helps boost the lubricity of even a marginal petro-diesel by a large amount.

    So ironically, converting Straight Vegetable Oils (SVO's) to bio-diesels improves their FLOW properties, but REDUCES their lubrication properties!

    It also removes a significant proportion of the total burnable materials in the bio-oil itself.

    Thus making bio-diesel from bio-oil makes the product cleaner and more free-flowing but sacrifices a lot of lubricity and some of the energy-making potential in the fuel.

    Hope this helps,

    Best Regards,

    Dusky Lim

    P.S. - I do in fact make, use and sell a diesel fuel additive, which I recommend for mose older (pre-CRDI) engines it helps improve power and economy and reduces a lot of the black smoke.

    Please PM me if you're interested.

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    Apr 2010
    continuous use of F2020 Fuel Saver will help your old engine runs smoother and longer your mileage and in addition it will lower your opacity emission. big industrial and shipping companies are using our product sir. F2020 Fuel Saver is organic, 80% palm oil yung 20% organic din pero i can't disclose what it is.

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