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    nakapag inquire ako kay KIADOHC sa protegetech.....sabi nya pwede daw gamitin yung engine ng Lynx, or yung engine ng 1st or 2nd generation na Mazda 323/Familia.

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    Oct 2002
    helpful noh? :D sumagot na sya sa questions.. :D
    Got Mazda?- [SIZE="1"]est. 2000[/SIZE]
    got mazda 2? -> mazda2ners

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    Nov 2002
    Added info: KIA Pride = Festiva
    phillipogi, i am sure makakatulong 'to sa'yo. According to website, Mazda B6 SOHC ang bolt-on and can reuse other stock parts..Hope it helps.

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    Oct 2002
    philippogi thats a good project, considering not that many peeps wud dare tinker on their kias. while your on your way to that switcheroo, y not try converting it to the USDM kia? AFAIK, the kia pride cd5's US counterpart was the Ford Festiva. Ive seen a couple of festivas running around ortigas. they look good to me. if i had a cd5 id probably try to convert it into a festiva. yun nga lang all the festiva parts and accesories are bitch to find here sa pinas. so it will take some time. kind of like restoring a Mini.

    Try mo check
    Here's another one.

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    plan ko nga siya i-convert to Ford Festiva eh. Additional info: Kia Pride = Ford Festiva = Mazda 121.

    sa ngayon kasi la pa pera, pero im converting it one by one pag may pera. Im planning to buy a 2nd hand car kasi eh by early next year.

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    Oct 2002
    I was wondering, kasya ba ang 14" na mags sa Pride? :roll: Anong size na gagamitin na gulong?

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    kasya 14 sa kia pride, pero medyo sagad na. Ako gamit ko Bridgestone 185/60 R13, pero ang bigat i-steer kasi walang power steering eh.

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    Nov 2002
    FerioEG9Boi, the red car that you posted uses a Mazda 121 Headlight and Grilles and the bumper came from a Ford Festiva GTX. Naka Ford Festiva GTX front cut ako pero yung bumper ko hindi ko pa kinakabit.

    Bhords69, the B6 that you mentioned is not the B6 that is available in 323 that are sold here in the Philippines. It is not a 16-Valve mazda engine but a 8-valve B6 mazda engine that exactly looks like the stock 1.1L engine of the Kia Pride. It has bigger bore and stroke and a bigger intake and exhaust ports and of course bigger itake and exhaust valves.
    The B6 that you are refering is rarely imported here from Japan. I only saw one installed in a Kia Pride(ka race ko dati sa libis-Ryan). I previously tried the B5 version and had 17.8sec. 1/4mile. It costs around P12K, pero why will you buy & install a still weak engine kung puwede naman ang mas malakas, tapos mas mura pa. Refer to the kia pride owner that always post at their forum, iba lang ang username ko outside that site)=I prefer that all questions and sharing are posted in

    Phillipogi, nag post ka na yata sa Meron akong on-going project ng engine. Nagpakabit siya in carbureted form. Binigay ko lang free yung labor. Puwede ka naman bumili muna ng makina tapos dahan dahan ko gagawin ang conversions sa engine, para dahandahan labas ng pera mo for the swap. Im selling the engine for P10K only.

    Kasya ang 14" na mags sa Kia Pride. nakakita pa nga ako ng 15"

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    Oct 2002
    15" ? Amazing! :D Anong tire size?

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    Nov 2002
    KIAALLMOTOR: Thank you for the info, matagal na rin akong nag-aabang ng info kung paano mapapabilis ang performance ng KIA car ko and for me it's a challenge. Right now my car is under repainting and engine maintenance. Ilang araw kaya ang swapping until fully run plus magkano? Priority sa akin ang time duration?

    Planning to change my tire into these two options: 185-60 R14 or 185-50R14, Alin kaya mas maganda sa dalawa at anong mags ang bagay?
    Another Q is where I can get accessories to dressed up my KIA (sedan)?
    Nasa manila kasi ako after new year and planning to buy accessories for it...Thanks


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