Dear AC:

I too have experienced squeaking or squealing on start up.

This has happened with many of our cars, past and present.

Frequently it's one of the fanbelts, but sometimes its the airconditioner tensioner bearing.

Also the noise frequently disappears when the engine heats up.

The best way to test if its the airconditioner bearing is to spray WD-40 onto the bearing cover and if the squeak stops then you have the cause.

The reason is that the grease in the bearing flows when warm and stops the squeak.

If you suspect the fanbelt, temporarily remove it and the squeal should disappear.

When replacing the v-belt, go for a toothed belt as replacement as it is more efficient, stronger and will last longer than a solid belt.

Lastly, most people over-tighten their fan-belts or v-belts, that will destroy your bearings, the belt should be just tight enough not to slip, any tighter reduces bearing life.

I myself have not replaced my fanbelts for 8 years now - see what happens with proper adjustment.


Dusky Lim