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    Aug 2003
    Just got a brochure of conoco engine oils. They claim their syncon synthetic oils, on gas or diesel engines, will allow you to make your change oil frequency to every 30,000 kms. Then you need to change oil filter every 10,000kms, versus regular mineral based oils that require you to change oil and filter every 5,000kms. Yun lang nga, their oil costs P550 (syncon) for gas engines, and P420 per liter for diesel (power D).

    Syncon: 5w-40. gravity api 35, pour point -33C, flash point 228C, viscosity at 40C 92, at 100C 14.3, viscosity index 160. APIO SL/CF.

    Power D: 15w-40. gravity api 29.3, pour -30C, flash 232C, Viscosity 140, tbn 10.6, API CI-4, CH-4.

    May kasamang certification from BMW, Porsche, MB, and Volkswagen AG.

    Ok ba ito? Would you agree to a 30,000 change oil frequency?
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    Aug 2003
    i saw several signs of conoco in the metro but never got hold of a brochure.

    as for me, i'd rather go for the regular 5k km interval with good quality mineral based oil.

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    Dec 2002
    I'm trying out Conoco oils, in diesel and gas, but at much cheaper prices. Here are the prices i got last Sept:
    1) Power D 15w40 - P148/L
    2) Syncon 5w50 - P1332/ 4L or P333/L
    Where did you get your prices? Got mine from Autosport along 20th ave, cubao.

    Haven't used syncon yet but Power D seems to work well. The PowerD is their top of the line diesel oil.

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    Aug 2003
    it was stated in the numbers in their brochure to justify cost savings. Di ko actually sila nakausap, yung tao ko sa motorpool ang kausap nila and they left the brochure. Didn't bother to talk to them because for me, 30K is too long. Even if your car/truck's oil using conoco can last that long, mas maganda to change oil more frequent coz you get to check your car's condition as well.

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    Dec 2002
    They've got cheaper diesel oils like:
    Super J 15w40
    Power J 15w40
    Fleet Plus 40
    Conoco mineral oils are all from hydrocracked base oils, ie, less impurities in the oil.

    Friend will be doing some oil analysis/ comparison vs caltex delo on a number of buses soon.

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    Oct 2002
    Keep us posted on the analysis.

    Just to add, synth oils do last longer but take note that your oil filter capacity/life span is still the same.

anyone heard or tried conoco engine oils?