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    Sep 2003
    EGO CHALLENGE: At the moment the ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT BUREAU-DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES (EMB-DENR) have been conducting actual testing on three (3) EGO devices which started last Oct. 22, 2004. You can go to DENR compound at Visayas Ave., Proj. 6, QC this Friday, Nov 5th, 2004 from 9 - 11am for FREE Emission testings (w/o & with EGO device) of your vehicles. Smoke-belching vehicles will be given priority (but will not be impounded). So to all Tsikoteers, just bring your vehicles for FREE Emission tests/ actual demo of the EGO on said date. See you there for the EGO CHALLENGE!

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    Sep 2003
    DOST-TAPI to hold National Inventors Week

    The Department of Science and Technology thru its Technology Application and Promotion Institute will hold the 2004 National Inventors Week at the Philippine Trade Training Center along Roxas Blvd. corner Gil Puyat Ave. in Pasay City on November 11-15.

    The EGO will be one of the inventions being exhibited there. All are invited to attend and see for yourselves the EGO in action as well the other great Filipino inventions this year See you there!


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    Oct 2002

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    Aug 2004
    antahimik nga doon, no?

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Sep 2004
    Not a creature was stirring; not even a Mouse.

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    Oct 2002
    then, trailing blood...

    an ego came rolling across the floor!

    yaaaaah! horror movie!

    night of the evil ego!

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    Aug 2004
    bwahaha... it's absolute Khaos!

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2004
    hmm I'm not po, noby.

    But its one of our accounts meaning, I'm working in a PR firm, a newbie, so I'm still in the process of learning more of the said product.
    So you want honesty. A nothing but an honest to goodness answer.

    The tests that was done by the government were all true and
    accurate. It did passed the emission test (DENR test we came up with
    0.8 lang, so pasado, yung sa LTO atbp, baka sa next post na lang,
    ilalagay ko din dito pano nag wo-work yung produkto. okai ba?) and
    it really saves you 15% up to 50%, this is according to the testimonies
    from all of our consumers, these includes some political figures who
    had their cars installed. no malicious intent, totoo at nagpa-install
    cla hndi dahil gusto nilang mapansin.(Si VPkabayan actually ang
    nakatuklas mismo sa gawa ni ka pablo tinulungan nya ito ng nangailangan
    ng capital)

    At ziyempers, alam nyo na yung about sa tests but sinabi ko lang eksena
    behind it.

    The most accurate proof 4 all of you na hinihintay nyo or the result of
    the effectivity of the device will be nxt year pa.that account might
    have their US EPA Test maybe earlier or not later ng end of next year.
    not sure kung alin (earlier/later) dun kase wala pang final decision

    Sa US EPA TEST na cnasabi ko, wala pang anti- pollution gadget ang
    nakakapasa (correct me, if im wrong).

    There are foreign multi-national companies who already expressed their
    interest in dealership of the device yun nga lang, medyo malabo pa kase
    on the process pa lang po yung tinatawag natin na 'international patent'.
    totoo din po yan, nakita ko mismo yung letter nila na pinadala) basta
    tingin na lang kayo sa news.

    Anywayz, I'm not forcing you to buy the product or even sell it to all
    of you. I just find this thread interesting so I jumped in and ngayon
    nag fo2llow up ng mga bagay bagay.

    When I get myself registered here, I didn't read all the old threads
    (niky can attest to that hahaha! he even remind to read all the threads
    first before saying anything) I was too lazy to read that time.
    my fault.

    I don't mean to pissed you off. I understand your side when it comes to
    being skeptical about the product. i'm not here to make "away" just
    because of the product.

    I respect your views or opinions.

    Again, I apologize.

    But then again, I was just curious, If Ka Pablo let those foreigners
    esp. US who offered him a million dollars, buy the rights of his
    product and let say, nakapenetrate na now ito sa market ng pinas and
    nakikita nyo sa lahat ng ads pero ang nakalagay na manufacturer eh
    foreign name...

    magiging skeptical din ba kayo katulad ng ginagagawa nyo?gigisahin nyo
    rin ba ang credibility nito?

    ask ko lang po. ;)

    PAhAboL: Its saddening, kase foreigners interested tapos some pinoys
    arent puro doubts tapos pag nakuha ng iba sabihin, pinabayaan ng gov.
    tapos galit pa. just like the karaoke, flourescent and whatelse.
    a bit ironic.
    employee ka ba ng KSTC???

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    Oct 2004
    pAhAboL uliT: sa EGO na yan...

    bat wala akong makitang kahit news about sa
    inyo. araw araw akong nag scan ng newspapers both tabloid and broadsheets...

    Piece of advice,

    EGO latigo, if they don't like to buy your product don't force them to buy. Malawak ang sakop ng media. dont just advertise here and as ive said dont force them.

    BUT if you really want them to buy, give them an honest answer.
    ang haba haba ng pinagtatalunan nyo but it always boils down into one thing: TRUTH

    it seems that nakikipag away ka p sa knila eh the things they want are the truth and the proof.

    you keep on fronting the awards from the DOST that you get and the CNN coverage which i think is not true. and yung sentences na nilalagay mo dito pang ads, keep it real man.

    Luma ng stategies yan. the consumers are clever nowadays and they scream 'real thing'

    explain to them how the device really works.

    anyhoo, i want to know the date when the CNN featured that device. I'l check it.

    ma-check nga tong, need to get in touch with my feminine side. baka maging tomboy na ko dito. hihihi!

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    Aug 2004
    vixen, please keep the KSTC in its own thread.

    As for the aforementioned DENR tests, there ARE doubts as to their veracity. As one board member on another board has pointed out, KSTC mechanics were allowed to fiddle with the vehicle tested BEFORE and DURING the test. This is in violation of testing procedures. It is the TESTERS themselves who must install the device, and NO OTHER adjustments are to be made to the test vehicle.

    If there is to be an EPA test, we will GLADLY wait to see the results, if any. Thank you.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

anti-smoke emission and fuel-saving device