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    Sep 2007
    hi tsikoteers ..

    our legendary 4jx1 strikes again!

    this time namamatay ang engine .. kahit tapakan ang gas pedal namamatay parin .. dahan dahan bumababa ang revolution kahit diinan ang tapak sa gas and namamatay ..

    we tried cleaning the 1 month old genuine fuel filter pero wala namang tubig na nakita ..

    nag try pa yung mechanic na ihipan yung fuel lines pero hindi naman barado ..

    the lines is clear pero the engine wont start again ..

    this happen last monday when dad ko may gamit ng trooper and nung nagpasundo na sila bigla nalang daw namatay ang trooper ..

    what could be the problem? well maintained ang unit .. mga 70k palang tinakbo and im using Royal Purple 5w-30 and also using genuine fuel and oil filters .. newly replaced lahat last june and sa speedyfix ako nagpapagawa ..

    the mechanic said na baka daw computer box pero hindi kami convinced ..

    hindi kaya loose wiring connection lang ng valve sa fuel lines from the ignition ?

    pag pinump manually yung fuel pump nagstastart ang unit pero namamatay din after a few seconds ..

    parang walang supply ng diesel going to the engine ..

    yung isang mechanic may minention na baka raw "magnetic valve" ang may sira ..

    then may isang mechanic naman from isuzu na ang sabi fuel injector daw ..

    GOD wag naman sana coz bumigay narin injector namin dati and we waited 6 long months for the parts and magkaiba ang symptoms sa ngayon ..

    hindi kaya fuel pump?

    or electrical problem lang?

    umaandar naman ang unit kapag pinump ang fuel pump manually ..

    may connection ba dito ang computer box?

    mga fellow tsikoteers i need your help ..

    ano kaya prob and whats the remedy?

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    Jan 2006
    The only way you can confirm the trouble is by using a TECH2.
    Guesswork can cost you, what you need is a mechatronic (mechanic who works with electronic, scan tools/ laptop with the right software for the vehicle)

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    Sep 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by 4JGtootsie View Post
    The only way you can confirm the trouble is by using a TECH2.
    Guesswork can cost you, what you need is a mechatronic (mechanic who works with electronic, scan tools/ laptop with the right software for the vehicle)

    sir tootsie saang shop or may kakilala po ba kayo?

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    Mar 2006
    tech2 is GM scanner and that's the right tool for this kind of trouble , but the mechanics may still be able to work on it . like the basics

    lift pump should read at around 5psi ( fuel pump)
    with the aid of engine electronics wiring diagram try checking some vital wires.
    aftermarket scanners may be able to read any fault codes stored ( put it in OBDII MODE)

    try to ask the mechanic to install a clear fuel hose from the lift pump to the injection pump inlet , would be nice with fuel gauge . hope this will help you

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    Jan 2006
    So far the only shop that has invested in tech2 diagnostics is Isuzu Philippines and its dealers.
    We have tried using generic OBD2 on local patrols, Mu and troopers but we havent gotten a working communication with its ECM, though it acknowledges its protocol.
    Once we had a special client with a white Mu(4jx1) and we really had to coordinate with our network from our friends from ADS (Association of Diesel Specialist), Japan, Australia and Middle East it wasnt easy but naayos naman namin. You can call Sir Jake (4113711 to 13) if he can provide you the same accomodation.

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    Nov 2007
    sir mukhang sa fuel pump nga me sira ??? sayang bagong bao pa naman 2005 na trooper

    sir pwede kaya palitan yung fuel pump tapos ang ipalit nyo yung electronic fuel pump???

    OT: PAG BA ganyan ang sira no choice kundi hahatakin?

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    Aug 2005
    parang same problem sa friend...first hirap ma accelerate the suddenly ayaw na mag start...the problem is the computer box which nasunog daw because of high electrical are not readily available and expensive...after fixing he sold his unit....Sold my unit 4 years ago with 55,000 km pa lang.

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    Apr 2007
    Yari tayo dyan. Ipa TECH2 mo yan kasi sa dami na ng ginawa nyong test eh hindi parin nalaman ang sira. Pero siguro fuel pump nga sira. Hindi naman siguro dahilan ng pagka sira nun yung pagpalit mo ng fuel filter every PMS.

    Thank GOD my 4JX1 NEVER failed.

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    Jan 2008
    Double post

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    Jan 2008
    That could be due to a faulty oil pressure sensor. This is one of the identified fault in Isuzu 4jx1 with the symtoms you mentioned.. The CRDI of your engine uses a hydraulically powered electrically actuated injector system. Engine oil is used for this purpose.

    As with most electronicly controled diesels, it will not fire up when a minumum oil pressure is met. Using the correct engine oil rating is very important in these engines.

    Quote: (to test faulty oil pump sensor)

    "...In the plug by the dipstick tube there is a lot of pink wires but one right in the middle is usually white remove this from the plug this gives the ecu a base reading of 27.9 mpa thus bypassing the pressure. now try to start..."

    to test for fuel and oil delivery:

    "crack the little bleed screw off on the filter housing and bleed the system do the bolt up then give it a few pumps until the primer goes hard then try to start it. if it starts it's a fuel problem and over here in the uk we can fit a one way valve to stop the fuel draining back to the tank,

    if it still doesn't start crack the big nut off on the gold pipe that goes in to the rocker cover and crank the engine oil should come out of here at a fair old rate of knots if it just dribbles out then the oil rail pressure control valve is stuck open and will require replacing".

    Other causes:

    1. Faulty remote engine starter/ car alarm immobilizer.
    2. Faulty or leaking diesel fuel primer pump.
    3. Dying battery.

    Air lleaks can detected by placing a piece of clear plastic hose into the fuel return line and looking for air bubbles.

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