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    Thanks for sharing the video link about lead-acid and lithium batteries.

    Now the important thing we should know is our alternator compatible with lithium batteries such as these kinds of house(invented brand name in the Philippines) brand lithium batteries? Would it cause damage to the alternator and etc...? Based on their Facebook page is that they only explained about their performance but not how would they affect regular vehicles which were not built to use lithium as their standard batteries. Mga ka tsikoteers we need to know the pros and cons first. Also remember this brand is just an invented brand in the Philippines like Circuit, Sasaki, GTX, Optimum, Fast1 and other house brands like CD-R King, we don't know the durability, performance & how will it affect our vehicle's electrical system that was not built for lithium batteries. Dami kasi nagbebenta now ng mga new types of products which are claiming a lot of stuffs, dumami ng brands ng additives, OBD chips(placebo relays) & etc... now without any proper testing and results.

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    These batteries have a built-in BMS so there are no changes required to the vehicle. For all intents and purposes, they're essentially a drop-in replacement for conventional FLA or AGM car batteries.

    The BMS handles the charging and balancing, while also regulating output voltage to a nominal value compatible with the vehicle (ie. ~12V).

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