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    Oct 2012
    Hi Guys,

    Anybody has an idea what my car's problem is?

    While driving, once i flash the high beams, the doors' power locks would open, and the car would go into something that feels like an engine break.
    If the radio is on, it will stutter.
    After the flash or after the high beam is fully turned on, everything's normal again - except my doors are now unlocked, my dashboard clock is reset, and my car alarm is set back to default settings (aw!).

    It does not always happen; but once it does, it goes on for the duration of the trip. It can happen in daytime (no lights) and at night.
    I'm beginning to be worried because it's happening more frequently now.

    Nothing has been replaced recently. using 55/65w H4 on a 2002 city

    With a fluke vmm I'm getting:
    ~13.8V with engine running / lights on / ac on / radio on
    ~12.7V with engine and everything off

    thanks in advance!

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    Oct 2002
    a loose contact is indicated ... it may be loose fuse holder, corroded relay(main) contacts, etc.

    bring your car to a reputable electrical shop

    good luck!

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    Oct 2012
    Thanks for the reply

    Another thing started happening:
    Right after turning off the engine, if i try to turn it on again there's no power - no click, no light, just dead, like i have a dead battery. I have to wait a few more seconds, key in again, and it turns on eventually.
    What's strange is that I have no problem turning it on when it's unused for a long period.

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    Nov 2005
    kadalasang problema pag ganyan ay loose or corroded contacts on battery terminal. Check mo kung kaya mo galaw galawin ( wiggle ) yung connectors ng battery wire.
    Check mo rin yung main Fuse link baka maluwag.

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    Feb 2008
    Parang kulang sa ground.

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    It might also be a malfunctioning alarm/auto security system to me. Nagloloko yung unit on sudden power surges causing it to trip the main power relay (sa ignition switch) and sending commands to the door actuator.

    Try borrowing an alarm module from someone who has the same one then kabit mo (borrow their remote of course). Run the engine then use the flasher or repetitively switch the high beam on and off.

    Baka lang ha?

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    Jul 2010
    With a fluke vmm I'm getting:
    ~13.8V with engine running / lights on / ac on / radio on
    ~12.7V with engine and everything off
    Check mo voltage doon sa cigarette socket para accurate voltage reading. Possible loose connection due to high current consumed ng High Beam Headlamp. Malaki voltage drop kapag high current dumaan sa loose connection.

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