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    Jun 2011
    Sorry mods if there's a similar post about this.

    But what happened was my odometer and trip meter stopped working after resetting the trip meter. Tried resetting the trip meter button several times pero hindi na talaga gumagalaw. Odometer/trip meter are both analog.

    1. Ano po kaya sira nito? cable/sensor?
    2. For a civic 99, is it using cable or sensor?
    3. Saan po ba dapat dalhin para ipaayos ito? sa kahit ano bang talyer pepede na? or dapat po ba sa auto electrical specialist?
    4. And if meron sa inyo may idea saan may maayos na auto electrical shops in tondo area j. abad santos?


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    Jun 2011
    up ko lang po ulit. need help. thanks!

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    Nov 2007
    Civic 99 uses sensor on it's speedometer.

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    Apr 2010
    kahit po ikaw kaya mo i check yan kung sira yung sensor mo sa transmission ...kuha ka po ng multitester set it in to 10v dc..pull out the sensor in transmission ..they have 3 terminals 1 is for ignition(+) 2 is negative (-) and last is for the trip current which is mag out siya ng dc current about mga 7v..pag nabunot mo na po yung sensor (huwag po matakot bunutin ang sensor madali lang po ibalik yan walang masisira sa transmission mo)yung negative wire ng multitester ipin mo po sa neagtive ng battery then yung pong positive wire ng multitester ipasok mo dun sa kabila huwag po dun sa igbition wire .now po kung napasok mo na paikotin mo po yung gear ng sensor at kung buo po yung sensor makikita mo po gumagalaw yung hand ng multitester kung sira po sensor walang reaksyon sempre ang multitester...hope makatulong to....

civic odometer and trip meter stopped working