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    Quote Originally Posted by raquino View Post
    What happened to batang pasig for a new car would always be worrysome. This can be an isolated case for the TB. Stalling, MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) would always refer to Intake and exhaust problems. The low oil pressure indicator would lit usually because engine has stalled. Once fuel is running or the engine gets going the low pressure light will be off. OBD can check for the faults. It was noted that there was a faulty fuel pressure sensor which was probably disconnected. This i guess would be poor connector or it wasn't connected properly during assembly. Lock failure or poor contact which caused the car to stall. Hopefully this is just the case. A thorough check of course by the casa has to be done. As long as no trouble codes arise then the car would be fine. It would be nice to have an OBD 2 scanner handy. You can once in a while check for codes especially if you had your engine detailed, minsan meron natanggal na connector even when you have your regular PMS they tend to forget to lock the sensor for the MAF and when travelling it gets loose and you will have a MIL on your dash.
    Thanks for your sensible technical view on this, more like it. At this point just to update everyone, the vehicle is still at the casa and was scheduled this afternoon to be evaluated by Chevy Phils (I will know tomorrow what transpired). While it is running already since Sat, I really want to give them more time to make thorough technical evaluation and ensure that there are indeed no more Fault Codes coming out of the OBD, and it has to be put in writing. I saw the OBD when I was there but they said the OBD has no print out but there's a way to capture its screen anyway, and so Tier 2 support I believe can assess it. While there is physical evidence of poor connection that affected the fuel supply (there's before and after photo which I will share later on to all), I want to be doubly sure that there are no other logical or electronic module that also went awry, I hope this is really an isolated case. Initial explanation to me by the Service Manager on the "Low Oil Pressure" on the Display Panel is the same as yours, which is highly possible 'coz as we know, even in the era of pilot lamps, oil pressure indicators go on during the starting phase and stop of the engine. But then again, we want to be very sure with that by knowing what their technical experts would say based on TBs actual design and expected messages based on specific fault condition. Yes you are right about that MAF thing, that's why most of the time, I do the engine washing/detailing of my cars myself . Cheers!

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    Sir Pasig sana maging okay na Tbz nyo po....

    Yesterday I also checked Import Elementz body kit. Okay naman sya the problem is u will need a good shop to paint the kit its still on its plastic condition. The bumper has also drl slots for it. Nangati and almost bought the kit. Kaso wala pa ako alam na paintshop. Reibet along mindanao but when i passed by the shop last night puno pila.. =(

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    We have a new facebook page. Just search for Official Trailblazer owners Group Philippines. Thank you guys!

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    BIGGER AND STRONGER! JOIN US! ChevroletClub Philippines Inc.

    To learm more about us you may visit our Facebook page (About ChevroletClub Philippines Inc.)

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    Any updates sir batang pasig?

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    what happened na kaya sa TB ni batang pasig?

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    Sir numbah5, I read pages back na may contact kayo sa Chevrolet Commonwealth? Can you please refer me to Chevy Commonwealth? hehe. we'll be getting a LTZ or 4X2 A/T kasi. some dealers kasi demands additional accessories for the LTZ Thanks!

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    Is there already a 4x2 LTZ A/T TB?

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    this is good news if meron ng 4x2 LTZ.

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    Merong ilalabas na 4x2 A/T and gusto ko ang features nun. Pag labas nun, it'll be the best pick up based 4x2 SUV in the market.

    *ratchet23, please PM me your full name so that I can tell the GM that you're getting a Trailblazer.

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