Review: Chery QQ3 1.1 MT
Small car, big ambitions: The Chery QQ is the vanguard of the Chinese invasion.

WORDS Niky Tamayo PHOTOS Carlo Sapera

Ominous words I suppose... “Chinese Invasion”... but this time, it’s really happening. While a number of enterprising souls have brought Chinese cars onto the local market over the past few years, none of them have had the financial clout of Iseway Motors, who are hitting the Philippines with a massive investment in dealerships, service centers and rolling stock. While Chinese cars have a reputation for ridiculously low prices, ridiculously bad quality and ridiculously poor customer support, Iseway is looking to change such perceptions. They’re trying to overcome the bad quality and improve customer support while keeping prices ridiculously low. Despite my initial doubts as to the seriousness of this venture, dozens of dealerships seem to have gone up in the wink of an eye, and the streets of Manila are flooded with QQs... okay, maybe not flooded, but there are quite a lot of them out there, already.

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