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    May 2005
    .. you might want to know who your fund manager is .. there are some who are pretty lousy ..

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    Sep 2002
    for now, you might be better off putting your cash in sdas, bdo has been offering some pretty decent returns 6-7% per annum for 30 day placements.

    rather than keeping it in the fund that might still be going down.

    since 30 days lang naman ipit ang cash mo you can always put it back in the fund if you want to again.

    if you have the time, you can do your own research and invest your money yourself. you should do better than fund managers who either have to adhere to strict rules on where to invest your cash, or monkey around with your cash as if there were no rules. no need to pay any front or back end fees, fund management fees, etc.

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    Sep 2004
    Soon, those interest rates on SDA's will be going down, if it hasn't gone down already. The BSP has cut its rates by 50 basis points (bps), since the FOMC likewise cut its rates to virtually zero. While this move is seen as pump-priming (businesses tend to borrow when rates are low), the disincentive is that people in general won't be encouraged to put their money in the bank (i.e. to save), and look for alternative ways of maximizing their capital. Banks may take a small hit on their deposit liabilities. But in today's topsy-turvy world, things don't turn out they way they usually do. Dito kasi sa bank where I work for, medyo tumaas pa nga ang deposits compared to last quarter.

    Dito na ngayon papasok yung mga pyramiding scams, schemes which offer incredulous returns over a short period. Dapat pro-active yung gobyerno sa mga ganyan, for the protection of the public.

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    Oct 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by bongliza View Post
    mmmm.... i may be putting more money to my Balanced fund when the economy goes up...hehe
    I think you should put money now that the economy is down,
    1.6575 ngayon. Kung meron ako ngayon mag dagdag ako equity
    fund 1.2886 maganda na yon sa akin.

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    Dec 2005

    I have money there too, bro..... I am now losing like 10%, but I am not touching it. For as long as you don't need the money, keep it there.

    Buying is not an option for me now, even if the market is down. Prices are "relative". I'll just maintain whatever investments I have made earlier and hope that the market picks up soon.....


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    Nov 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by mrpink View Post
    .. you might want to know who your fund manager is .. there are some who are pretty lousy ..
    pwede ka bang mamili ng fund manager kapag nag-invest ka sa sunlife?
    sensya na, baguhan lang ako regarding this topic and I'm interested.

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    Feb 2008
    No you can't pick your fund manager, di naman ito private banking na meron kang personal banker. You pick the fund you want to invest in and the fund will pick its manager...

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    Nov 2008
    Is Money Market Fund the safest to place your money than time deposit?

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    Nov 2005
    follow this rule:

    the lower the yield, the safer it is

    the higher the yield, the higher the risk

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by james00112233 View Post
    Is Money Market Fund the safest to place your money than time deposit?
    Time Deposit is safer. Time Deposit is as safe as your bank... Your bank fails and its beyond PDIC insurance then you lose the money beyond P500K. Money market fund is safer in the sense that its government T-bills (I mean gov't in theory can't fail because they could just run the printing presses to pay their obligations). But what it is not safe is market volatility. As prices go up and down so does the value of your principal unlike in a time deposit its constant and your interest is predictable.

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