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    Sep 2003
    Salary & Compensation of top CEOs in the Philippines : – Make Money Online, Stocks, Forex, Mutual Funds Philippines

    The executives are ranked in the table below based on their monthly salaries, although the total compensation earned in 2011 is also identified. Monthly Salary refers only to the basic pay they receive every month, while Total Compensation includes bonuses such as thirteenth-month pay and other non-recurring pay items such as performance incentives and stock options.

    Data show that 49-year-old Federico Lopez earns the most both in terms of monthly salary and total compensation in 2011. In the 30-company PSEi list, Lopez is head of two firms: First Gen Corporation (FGEN) and Energy Development Corporation (EDC). As Chairman and CEO of FGEN, his basic monthly salary is around P1.79 million. Yup, that’s P1.79 million basic salary per month. He receives another P1.19 million per month as bonus and additional compensation. All in all, he gets more than P3 million every month as FGEN’s chief executive. The same position in EDC gives him an additional P1.4 million every month. Considering only these two companies, Lopez earns roughly P4.4 million monthly — more than any other CEO on the list.

    The sixth richest Filipino, Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, is the second-highest paid CEO on the list. As Chairman and CEO of the conglomerate Ayala Corporation, he earns more than P2.42 million total compensation every month, inclusive of a monthly basic salary of P1.66 million.

    Manny Pangilinan or MVP is Chairman and CEO of three companies on the list, making him the third-highest paid CEO with a combined total compensation of P2.65 million per month. This is inclusive of his monthly basic salary of P1.76 million in those companies. His basic salary is P950,000 per month as head of Meralco; more than P588,000 per month as chair of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPI); and around P230,000 every month as CEO of Philex Mining Corporation.

    Another highest-paid chief executive is Danding Cojuangco of San Miguel Corporation. As CEO of the diversified conglomerate SMC, he gets P1.58 million salary per month plus P746,000 additional compensation monthly, for a total of P2.33 million every month.

    Other CEOs holding multiple positions on the list and their compensation are:

    ■James Go, Chairman and CEO of JG Summit Holdings (JGS), Universal Robina Corp. (URC) and Robinsons Land (RLC) — total compensation of P1.82 million per month, roughly the same as his basic monthly salary;

    ■Isidro Consunji, CEO of DMCI and Semirara Mining Corporation (SCC) — total compensation of P1.4 million per month, inclusive of basic monthly salary of around P490,000;

    ■Erramon Aboitiz, CEO of Aboitiz Power (AP) and Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) — total compensation of P806,000 per month, inclusive of basic salary of P630,000 monthly

    There are many ways to become rich. Our data above showing each CEO’s monthly salary and total compensation are proof that heading a company is one of them.

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    Jun 2004
    kelan ko kaya maabot ang ganyan sweldo monthly, kahit dun sa rank 29 sobrang layo ko pa.

    pero tingin ko hindi pa yan yun "totoong" sweldo nila

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    Jul 2004
    dapat ilagay din sa survey na yan which of these highly paid CEO's companies have the most employees who are paid just the minimum wage and/or have the most contractual workers

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    Sep 2005
    dapat nilagay din kung magkano binayarang tax nyang mga yan..

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    May 2006
    Si Steve Jobs $1 lang dati

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    Nov 2005
    yung sweldo parang allowance lang nila yan eh

    the big money is in the shares they own

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    Oct 2002
    ALL of them para sa papers lang yan "sweldo" nila. CEO & chairman 1M+/mo lang?

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    Sep 2003
    i read a news item before at INQUIRER that MVP is receiving around P4M as his salary, in handling all his companies here in the philippines. & that was early part of year 2000. kino-compute pa nga namin sa opis noon kung magkano per day nya at per ora, sa sweldo nyang yan......

    i was trying to google that...pero wala na ata.

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    Oct 2002
    from what I've heard Manay Pangilinan is receiving between US $1M-$2M/mo basic salary and that was years ago...ewan ko kung magkano na ngayon

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    Sep 2003
    kaya pala pag nanood sa pba yan, dami bodyguard.
    we once watched a game bet. TNT & Ginebra at the astrodome.
    nagtataka kami bakit may portion sa ringside na bakante ang mga seats.

    yun pala, reserved kay manay MVP & his pahalanx of bodyguards.

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Salary & Compensation of top CEOs in the Philippines