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    Bumper to Bumper 4 VIDEO

    [ame=""]YouTube - Bumper to Bumper IV * Silver City, Tiendesitas[/ame] is an official E-Media Partner of Bumper To Bumper 4

    Clubs were reborn, teams were created, groups have united and camaraderie of car enthusiasts was at its best in a Bumper to Bumper carshow!

    Bumper to Bumper IV carshow invites your car club/team/group to be part of another historic and exciting event on November 29 and 30, 2008 in Silver City, Tiendesitas, Pasig.

    The grand eyeball & auto show of car clubs

    Venue: Silvercity’s Automall
    Dates: November 29-30, 2008
    Event Schedule: 10am – 10pm, Sat. & Sun.

    Car Club Grand EB
    Product Demo’s
    Celebrity stick on
    DJ mix presentation
    DB drag
    Dance concert party
    Pro, Novice & Street Car Competition


    Best Car Club Presentation
    (Big Group - 9 or more) 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    (Small Group - 4 to 8 cars) 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    (New Club) 1st, 2nd, 3rd

    Major Awards (w/ 2nd – 3rd places for PRO, NOVICE & STREET categories)
    Best of Show – Pro & Novice
    Best Street Car (Street category)

    Best Ford
    Best Honda
    Best Mazda
    Best Mitsubishi
    Best Nissan
    Best Toyota
    Best Old School Ride

    Reserve Awards (depending on participation)
    Best American
    Best European
    Best SUV
    Best JDM Inspired
    Best EUDM Inspired

    Minor Awards (w/ 2nd -3rd places for PRO, NOVICE & STREET categories)
    Best in Paint
    Best Interior
    Best Engine Bay
    Best in Car Audio Installation – Best ICE
    Best Body Kit
    Best in Graphics

    Special Awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
    Top Gear Choice Car award
    Best Female Driven Car

    AMATEUR (w/ 2nd and 3rd)
    AMA 1 - 1 TO 160 SQ. IN.
    AMA 2 - 161 TO 260 SQ IN
    AMA 3 - 261 PLUS

    ADVANVCED (w/ 2nd and 3rd)
    ADVAN1 - 1 TO 260 SQ IN
    ADVAN2 - 261 TO 520 SQ IN
    ADVAN3 - 520 PLUS



    Street: Php 1,000 – Saturday event only at the ground level parking (ingress is from 7am to 10am same day).
    Novice: Php 2,000 – 2 day event at airconditioned 2nd level of AutoMall.
    Pro:Php 3,000 – 2 day event at airconditioned 2nd level of AutoMall.
    dB drag competition: Php 1,500 – 1 day event at the ground level parking (ingress is from 10am to 2pm of the same day).

    Deadline for registration & payment is November 29, 2008 (Saturday) at Silvercity’s Automall.

    -Maximum # of entries/club: NO MAXIMUM ENTRIES
    -Shop entries and entries from previous major car shows are considered Pro, while daily driven cars and first timers are considered Novice or Street.
    -Shop entries will automatically be billed and judged in the Professional category.
    -Cost of electricity starts at Php 500 per 5kva. Please inform organizers one week prior to the event for this service.
    -Tapping of any electricity without proper authorization, request or approval shall be billed at a minimum rate of Php 5,000 per outlet.

    Car clubs with at least 5 entries will get
    -discount of less P100/car
    -table and chairs
    -daily radio plugging before and during the event (8-15x/day over Wave 89.1)

    •Ingress time on November 28 (Friday) will strictly be from 8am to 10pm for Pro & Novice levels. Ingress for Street level will be on November 29 (Saturday) from 7 to 10am.
    -Ingress after 10pm will be charged Php 500 per car per hour.
    -No ingress on November 29.
    •A first come (registration and payment), first serve basis will be observed on reservation, area positioning and judging.
    Any vehicle or competitor arriving after the allotted ingress time will automatically be disqualified from competition. Registration fee will not be refunded.


    •Your vehicle is your responsibility, the Bumper to Bumper 4 organizers, AutoMall owners, building administrators, staff & guards shall not be held responsible or liable for any theft, accident, known or unknown damages to the participant/vehicle owner, participating vehicle or any other personal property before, during or after the conclusion of the event.
    •No commercial or product selling for participants will be allowed during the event.
    •Washing of cars within the venue is not allowed. Detailing is not permitted during the event proper.
    •Do not leave your vehicle unattended during judging.
    •Tarpaulin or banner displays of car clubs/participants/exhibitors should be located within their paid car slot area only. It is NOT the responsibility of the organizer to install/remove or store participants/exhibitors the banner/s.
    •Participants will be held responsible for the general area they will occupy including plants/trees, wall, post, flooring and other properties of Silvercity from ingress to egress time. A fine of 60% of the cost of any damages will be imposed.
    •STRICTLY NO STARTING OF ENGINES DURING EVENT PROPER. Exhaust fumes coming from vehicles will;
    -Poison the air inside the venue that will lead to discomfort and illness amongst participants and the general public.
    -Offset the airconditioning system.
    -Disrupt the sensor of the sprinklers.
    -Vehicle keys of the offending party will be confiscated and will be returned after the event and settlement of penalty.
    -Organizers suggest the use of battery chargers. For electricity requirement, please check FEES & SCHEDULES.
    •Organizers reserve the right to alter any part of this announcement.

    Minor and major sponsors are welcome.


    For inquiries & registration please contact:
    09178452639 - andy
    09175319466 - jb
    09178345000 / 09228524461 – jonathan
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    Master Jedi! Kasali po si Sylvie dito! Excited and kinakabahan nanaman nga ako eh! (hehehehe)

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    Another auto show!

    :beer: [SIZE="1"]3788[/SIZE]

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    di ko na mabilang yung dami ng mga auto shows ngaong taon.

    next year mas madami pa

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    Aug 2005
    Mag kita-kita na lang duon.

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    Oct 2006
    hehe napansin ko lang kulang ng "R" yung unang bumper sa title

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    Nov 2008
    hmmm.... mukhang masaya to ahh..:sperm:

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    goodluck na lang sa mga participants.

    boss jedi,
    post ko sa mlph.
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    I'm posting this to my blog too (

    :eat: [SIZE="1"]3795[/SIZE]

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    [SIZE=4]nako ubos pera naman ngayon december...dami car shows...hehe...good luck sa lahat ng participants...more power God bless!!...


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