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    Dec 2010
    Hey i recently put alot of money into a car audio system and now I am very paranoid about someone trying to steal my stuff. I have been looking at car security systems online and I was wondering im anyone had any experience with them. I am looking for a system that has a pager to let me know if my car is being messed with along with the alarm. What is a duel shock sensor and I heard it doesnt work with tinted windows? Any suggestions?

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by rbadong View Post
    i have a product can secure ur life and ur car


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    Dec 2010
    madinjeck, sinubukan ko ung 2-way n car alarm system ung brand name nya is SPY. mgsisix months ko n syang ginagamit and so far wala p namang nagiging problema. tinted dn ung auto ko and like you i also value the things inside my car and so far im happy and satisfied the way SPY 2way-alarm sytem secure my car. if you are interested you can get to me the specification so you can decide wisely since the box and the manual are still in my trunk.

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    Dec 2010
    meron yan ang alarm na ito. Anti Hi-jacking technology with starter disable technology(engine cut technology) madaming use tong SPY 2way alarm system na ito. i have the specs here. if you want you can ask for. hindi lang sya yung typicalna alarm system..

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    Oct 2008
    code alarm

What is a good car security system?