Hello Sirs,

I got a new autopage 225a alarm and is there any other way to disable the alarm aside from manually disabling it from the valet switch or on (valet mode). Like for example in carwashing and they need to open my car doors. Do you guys always set your autopage alarms especially the 225a series to valet mode instead everytime you have cars be washed?

Another problem is that I can't seem to permanently set my alarm to be just set to "Automatic Rearm OFF". My default alarming is 1 chirp and my de-alarming chirp is always set to twice instead of the should be 1 chirp only that's why it keeps on re alarming itself every after 30seconds even though my locks are still unlocked.

I tried to do the Alarm Feature "1" programming but my disarm would not still be corrected. Still got 2 chirps on it even after reading the manual.

Thank you Sirs!