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On the contrary dear Sir, light viscosity oil will give a potential savings on fuel, though it may not be a substantial figure. As for the less friction protection, No, it does not cause any damage at all.
In fact new and good oils are now loaded with advanced additive technology specifically designed for fast start ups, extended drain intervals, heavy load and stop and go driving operations.
Almost all latest American and European car manufacturers are recommending this type of oil. 5W30, 5W40, 10W30, 10W40.
However, this might be true to some imitation or poor quality oils that does not comply with the required warranty specifications and approval ratings.
Some oils has claims written all over it, some claims to be genuinely made in US or Europe but in reality, just blended and manufactured in some unreliable backyard factory in some neighboring countries.
Choose the reliable brand and your reliable seller.
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I think you should read my post again because you didn't understand what I posted. I said the EXACT same thing with less words.