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    Oct 2002
    Has your FUEL CONSUMPTION gone up in the last few months and you don't know why?

    For those who do a FULL TANK when they gas up, have you noticed that you now put in MORE LITERS than before?

    Well, here's my conspiracy theory: GAS STATIONS (both the individual operators/owners AND the big petrol corporations) HAVE COLLUDED AND ARE CHEATING US.

    That's a very bold claim, but I am stating that this is MY THEORY, MY OPINION only.

    I have noticed that my fuel consumption has gone down from 8 km/liter to about 7 km/liter. By the way, I use DIESEL, so it may be different for you.

    I used the following method to calculate fuel consumption:

    1. Start with Full tank of gas, filled up at favorite gasoline station using "automatic"/"one-click lang" (i.e., none of that shaking the car and/or getting the last drop in); Reset counter to zero;
    2. Travel (duh)
    3. Fill up at same gas station ("automatic"/"one click"), preferably at same pump;
    4. Take note of number on counter (kilometers traveled since last full tank), then divide that number by liters that you just put into your car;
    5. REPEAT

    On an almost empty tank, I used to put about 72 to 75 liters to fill up. Now, when I fill up, sometimes I have hit more than 80 liters!!! How can that be? I _NEVER_ hit that amount before. I thought it was a fluke, BUT IN THE LAST FEW MONTHS, I have gotten the same experience (80+ liters) when I fill up -- even with various gas stations.

    Before, no matter the gas station, it would be about 72 liters of diesel, 75 when I have run it really to the ground. Now it's 80?!? No... 80+!!!

    My fuel tank isn't any bigger than before, so...

    Here's my THEORY:

    Gas stations want to raise their prices even more (hey, gas prices continue to go up), but they are being limited by the government or something. Since the government is limiting the increase, gas stations have COLLUDED to calibrate their pumps in a certain way. What used to be 72 liters is now 80 liters -- an 11% DIFFERENCE! Instead of raising their prices by about 11%, they have given us instead about 11% LESS FUEL...

    By the way, I have noticed this in the past few months, but was just annoyed with it. When I finally talked to a friend, he said TWO of his cars have also "INCREASED" the fuel consumption... He said that if it were just one car, then maybe something would have been wrong with that, but for two of his cars to show these "symptoms"...

    So now my curiosity really is aroused, and I'm posting this on this board (feel free to copy&paste this in other boards to get more feedback).

    Questions for all of you reading this:

    1. Has your FUEL CONSUMPTION gone up in the last few months and you don't know why?

    2. For those who do a FULL TANK when they gas up, have you noticed that you now put in more liters than before?

    I'm trying to gather data, so I can write an editor of a newspaper or something.


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    Oct 2002
    For one... the automatic full tank sensor of gas stations are calibrated differently.

    On my experience... Shell & SeaOil will fill it above the 'F' mark. With Petron it will just be right on the mark. I've been also getting consistent full tank consumption... around 40 (if I fill up right after the empty fuel warning goes on) to 45.

    And another thing... contrary to your experience... my fuel consumption is improving... am estimating that I'll be hitting 10-11 km/L for my current reading (as compared to 8.5 to 8.9 km/L before).

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    Oct 2005
    hehehe....ako di nagpapa-full tank usually...
    pero baka bago matapos ang month pa full tank namin before e-vat kicks in....
    just a tip,,,sabi nila pag magpapalagay ka daw, if its not full tank, instruct the gas personnel to set it in "1" o "uno" kasi even though its slow hindi raw puro hangin ang kinakarga compared sa highest setting...

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    Sep 2004
    The only things I noticed so far are:

    1. My consumption actually improved when I switched to biodiesel, and
    2. My consumption has been consistently good since the switch.

    Even back when I was using regular diesel, my consumption has been the same between fill-ups (from full to half tank, a span of four days). Of course, the fact that I usually fill up the tank at my preferred gas station helped. Now, I get the same fuel consumption over five days. If it helps, I often fill up from the half-tank mark.

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    Oct 2002

    Personally, nagbabago lang consumo ko sa type of gas i put in (and which station)... So far consistent naman especially I travel the same stretch of road daily... Kahit weekend...

    Pero parang dumadami fuel quality differences among stations... Medyo nafoforce ako to stick to one...

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    Jun 2005
    Pag nag-full tank ako when the gas empty indicator lit, it must be be between 45 to 47 liters. So far okay naman. Hindi pa tumaas sa 47 liters.

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    May 2004
    Pwede yun for example ang full tank ng Kia is 40L lang tapos pag pa gas mo 40L din e d may daya talaga yun.

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    Feb 2004
    1. Consumption improved from 7.5km/l to 9 km/l (unleaded gas)

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    Oct 2002
    My fill-ups has been consistent ever since I got my car. Fuel consumption is also consistent with my driving habits. Bad habits = bad milage.

    And since I have been using acetone in my gasoline, I have been getting slightly higher fuel milage than normal.

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    Feb 2005
    magdala kayo ng galon or container para sakto hehehe!!! di ako maka relate di ako nagpapa full tank eh hehehehe!!!!

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Are gas stations CHEATING YOU?