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    Nov 2005
    go for diesel esp. taas ave. mileage mo.
    Quote Originally Posted by raikonen
    i'm planning to get a new ride.. here are my top 4 choices; REVO SR, REVO VX200, CROSSWIND XUV, CROSSWIND XUVi..(although i'm a little biased in favor of the revo kasi subok ko na at hindi pa ako itinirik kahit minsan).
    my main thing is a daily commute to/from work and to haul stocks from manila at least once a week. my average mileage is around 350 kms/week (200kms highway and 150kms city driving). at present, i'm using a 2.0L Revo SRJ A/T which is costing me an average of p1,100 a week in gas bills. Given the same situation, which do you think is a much better ride to get in terms of durability, maintenance and cost-effectiveness .. what are the pros and cons? which is the most beneficial in the long run ???

    1. GAS or DIESEL
    3. REVO or CROSSWIND (if diesel)


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    Jan 2003
    diesel manual

  3. Heretic Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by E34touring
    It is possible to get the mid to high figure but one must learn to drive it with the intend on conserving fuel!. I have driven the Matrix CDRi and it is difficult to get used to the power band and the rapid rpm climb. You really need to shift quick and its lousy shifter does not help any. Boost comes early and strong, so 3000 rpm to 4500 rpm goes real quick!. It is too easy to drive this recklessly and burn lots of fuel doing so.

    I am sure , over time a determined driver can master the art of driving this car correctly to squeeze an easy 20km/l out of it. Most people having used to gas engines, tend not to understand and respect the way a diesel engine behaves.
    I own a Matrix CRDi and I agree with your points. We used to have a carb 1.3 Corolla XE and we had to floor the gas pedal just to make it accelerate quickly. I carried that habit when I first drove the Matrix and its big torque suddenly pulled the car forward. However, the only ones who would probably have a hard time in adjusting to compact diesels like the Matrix are high-revvers since a diesel's peak torque immedietely comes at 1,800rpm or so.

    It's not hard to make the necessary adjustments though and when you get used to the position of the shifter, shifting before 2,000rpm becomes a breeze and achieving 13+km/l on city and 21+km/l on highways with the aircon on is possible.

    Our next purchase would be another diesel-equipped car and I hope diesel refinement in our country improves.

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    May 2007
    Kung tahimik habol mo Gas. Pg jeep type gusto Diesel. BRRRRRGGGRRRG

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    Apr 2007
    Kung savings, Diesel talaga ang mas ok kaso sa maintenance, mabigat at usually yung mga engines mabilis magkaroon ng leak sa oil pan. Mausok din kasi hindi maganda ang quality ng Diesel dito sa atin. Kung Gasoline, medyo mahal nga lang pero less maintenance.

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    Oct 2002
    DIESEL!!! More fuel effecient and more durable. Our 11 year old L200 * 223,000km never died on the road.

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    Aug 2004
    In the last 6 months I have gone through a 3.1 TDIC diesel trooper, a 2.0 liter CRV and recently a 2.5 TDIC strada. Honestly in terms of gas and diesel consumption on peso basis, halos pareho lang sila. I don't drive around the city that much, just cubao to ortigas or cubao to roces ave. and on weekends to Batangas. Kung meron man sila difference cguro mga P100 to P150 lang a week. That is at least in my use. I use to spend mga P1,000 on the trooper going to Anilao, around P900 to P1,000 on the CR-V and now about P800 to P900 on the Strada.
    On comfort, yung CR-V ang pinaka ka comfortable, city or highway driving man. Pero in terms of ruggedness, versatility and power, yung trooper yung panalo.

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    May 2006
    OT: Sinubukan ko kanina diesel ng Unioil malinis ang takbo at mas tahimik ang makina kesa Petron. Next week papakarga ulit ako tingnan ko kung may pagbabago.

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    May 2007
    Kaso wala naman atang unioil dito sa rizal. Gusto ko sana itry

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    Jul 2006
    because of biodiesel i believe diesel engines will be a good choice. it would be better if you create your own biodiesel in your backyard.

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