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    Oct 2002
    peeps with a i/h/e ano fuel consumption ng b16a??

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    Oct 2002
    city driving - around 5.5 kms/liter to 6.5 kms/liter, with daily traffic
    highway/out of town driving - 9.7 to 10.5 kms/liter

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    Nov 2006
    kung i/h/e lang mods...dpende sa driving style mo...kasi kung tamgn cruising ka lang lagi...abot mga 9-10 yan...pero kung lagi mo gusto mdinig VTEC...5-6 km/L lang yan

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    Aug 2004
    Depende nga sa driving style. Pure highway, kung I/H/E lang, no camshaft modifications, Type-R manifold or compression mods, kaya pang mag 12-14 km/l sa pure highway driving sa NLEX or 10 km/l kung SSH lang, mga 7-8 km/l in regular traffic, and 6 km/l or less in really heavy traffic or kung birit na birit.

    But if you have heavy mods and/or internal changes, that all goes out the window... with a full drag set-up, you can get 4-6 km/l...

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Nov 2002
    With a light foot, it should be as economical as the VTi, but I doubt it if you can regularly bear with that routine, since the B16A doesn't have 'torque' in its vocabulary.
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    Mar 2006
    ung sakin dati 9km/l city tapos pinaka mataas ko inabot sa highway on full eco driving nag 17 km/l ako! naka type-r piston cams at manifold pa ung sakin ha! dont know why pero ang tipid talaga

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    Mar 2020
    Buhayin ko lang po yung thread, May i ask po if sa fuel consumption po should i go for Honda Civic SiR Stock or Honda Civic FD Stock??

fuel consumption ng b16a?