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View Poll Results: Have you encountered problems with E10 blended gasoline?

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  • No problem with E10 gasoline

    19 26.39%
  • I have reduced fuel mileage with E10

    37 51.39%
  • I have reduced engine power with E10

    25 34.72%
  • My engine is not compatible with E10.

    15 20.83%
  • I have other problems (not listed) with E10.

    6 8.33%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Aug 2008
    hindi advisable E10 sa carb. yun toyota corolla na 97 na non-injected ng kaibigan ko hirap umistart sa umaga

    advisable lang ang E10 sa mga fuel-injected cars but still ask your local CASA to be sure. regarding Honda cars. Honda Philippines recommends E10 to all fuel-injected models kahit yun civic esi na '93.

    mine is an almost 10 year old crv, works well with e10. there is however some slight loss of power as compared to unleaded pero ok lang naman, since the price hikes natuto na ako magpatakbo ng average of 60kph by watching 2km rpm rule

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    Jun 2008
    Mga tsikoters, I have been using E10 on my 1993 Corolla XE 1.3L carb engine since Its introduction in the market with no problem. Since the car is already old I replaced all rubber fuel hoses with a new one from fuel tank to carburator. Hatak is ok with Shell E10 and mas ok sa Petron E10 considering its 95 octane rating. FC also improve a little bit . Hinataw ko sa skyway up to 120KPH ok naman.

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    Nov 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by step22 View Post
    may e10 na rin po caltex
    yes sir meron na po dito sa caltex edsa corner connecticut, mas mahal po sya compare sa shell and petron e10 but i dont know yung RON nya.

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    Jun 2006
    if im not mistaken 93 RON

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    Sep 2008
    hello to fellow tsikoteers!

    newbiee lng po. just going thru all forums of some sort that interests me and
    feel its right time for me to share regarding this topic.

    started using Petron e10 when i brought my ride vx200 '03 model from visayas to NCR (change of residence). nothing that i knew any gas station in my area there that carries e10 products so gave it a try here since mura and adopting to eco friendly idea.

    my observation: After few days use from a full tank of e10, i noticed a whinning sound!!! thought it came from the engine cooling fan or anything that moves inside the engine bay that creates any sound. at first the sound was negligible when inside driving the car but then the sound grew noticeably loud.
    i couldn't figure what creates this whinning sound until our neighbor who once worked as Toyota's SA intrigued at the cars noise offered to check around. he asked me what i lately introduced into the car from oil to anything etc.? TOLD him that i shifted using e10 for the car. he then went strait to where the location of the fuel pump is and pointed that the sound came exactly from the mechanism. he told me damaging the pump renders inconvenience and not so friendly to the pocket.:ouch:
    but he cannot confirm positively if e10 fuel is the culprit.. so he then suggest to discontinue using it to avoid further damaging the p/p and balik to dati sa nakasanayan ng makina and... OBSERVE! buti na lng below 1/4th sa guage fuel remained! so i refuelled using XCS and hoping for the best to come! after days of use back to my regular fuel, the sound diminishes till it never bothers me and giving me peace of mind!
    Hanggang ngayon wala na ang whinning sound ng fuel p/p ko!
    THANKS to my good neighbor for the experience shared!:cheers2:
    by the way, describing what the sound like.. curfew tone back in the 80's

  6. #56
    older cars talaga are not designed to handle the e10. ung alcohol content ang nakakasira--deyn di mahilig sa alak hehehe

    ako di na ako e10, pumapangit yung takbo ng makina, and in time nagpapatigas ng rubber hoses and rubber parts,e...

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    Sep 2008
    i would definetly agree when it comes to the pulling power of the car using e10.. as if i'm not driving a 2000cc engine! hirap nga even reaching 100kph.
    i envied others who has older engine using this fuel and benefitting well out of it! goodLuck!

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    Oct 2002
    add ko lang ha? out of curiosity, have loaded up on Total E10. ganda takbo ng oto ngayon compared if i am using Shell or Petron E10. i have not tried Caltex E10 pa.

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    Mar 2005
    Mga Bros my experience using my old 99 corolla xe carburated engine.

    I gassed up with e10 full tank which will last me 2 weeks or so dati. It was ok at the start but mga halfway to the tank, i experienced medyo mahirap start on a cold engine. Namamatay unless you put your foot on the accelerator

    After 1 or 2 mins warmup ok na

    also medyo humina ang hatak.

    What i can think is that since ethanol is known to absorb water, medyo dumami water content sa tank sa tagal ng e10 duun

    So after that i gassed up with unleaded and ok na ulit.

    I suggest if your going to use e 10 mga 1 week lang ikarga ninyo sa tanke. Then the absorbtion of water should be negligible. Then maybe alternate fuel to unleaded after a 2 or 3x nag e10 to maybe clean the system

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    Sep 2007
    ito yung isa sa mga nabasa ko re E10:

    "I first inquired with a Honda service center professional at a Honda Philippines dealer, who said that Honda vehicles sold in the Philippines and manufactured from 2000 and earlier should not use E10 gasoline because of potential corrosion to the gas tank and fuel line. I next inquired with another service center professional, this time from a Toyota Motors Philippines dealer, who said that Toyota cars made from 2002 should be able to use E10 gasoline. He also mentioned that earlier, pre-2002 Toyota models were also prone to the same problems observed by his Honda counterpart. I also asked both men if it was possible to replace the fuel tanks and lines of the ineligible vehicles with parts adapted for E10 gasoline use. Both replied in the negative." (More...)

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