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    Aug 2006
    or you can just have an aircon specialist cover the vent that lets in outside air. that way, even if it switches modes, di mo maaamoy yung hangin sa labas.

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    Jul 2006
    ^^ That's a bit dangerous dahil you'll eventually be breathing your own CO2. AC systems are designed to let outside air in kahit nakalagay sa recirculation mode. This is to guarantee at least a small amount of fresh air.

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    Dec 2005
    Sa mga binigay mong options, ok nga yun Exalta but the Accord is very close behind. For the same money, i'll go with a corolla pa din then use the extra money for rims and sounds.

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    Sep 2006
    i wouldnt go for a toyota unless its altis or vios... or heck, the farfetched rav4. LOL.

    Whats up with the exalta and its auto climate control?? i dont even what that feature is so u gotta pour me some..

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by charriolkid View Post

    Ok, first of all, I'm in a daze trying to figure out which car to buy. since my kuya is also trying to talk my mom into getting him a new car, My budget is only 250-300k, so its a no-brainer that i could only get a pre-owned car.. (to give way for my beloved kuya, hmp) Wish it was THAT easy, i'm having difficulty narrowing down my choices (what more deciding which one)... i'm a newbie, and altho it has been almost 3 years since i first drove a car, it will be my very first time to OWN one. nakikigamit lng kc lagi ako sa mom or kuya ko. hehe.

    ive been following this site recently and ive noticed you guys accomodate almost any question a member here asks so think u cud be of great help!

    here are my choices:

    1. Lancer Gsr - personally, i'd like to have the 99-2000 model.. then again i have limited budget so thats not possible. i guess i'd have to settle for 97-98ish. Gsr is okay, i figured that its very "gwapo" - especially when its ultra dressed up. The drawback IMO is the mileage all ads here got, it ticks me off to see a car for sale with more than 70k mileage? hehe.

    2. 1997 Accord Vti - i like the accord since its simple yet classy. Not too mention the big space u have. moreover, the ride is heavenly comfy! (and it suits my budget... i saw some ads which are 250-290..

    3. Opel Tigra 99-2000 - I like the design. But im not really sure about the handling and maintenance issues. As ive followed the site recently, ang dami kong nabasang negative stuff about opel in general? naturn off tuloy ako.. pero design-wise, i love it.

    4. Lancer Gls / Hona City - 2000 models. simple lang and atleast its relatively "new" as compared to most of my choices?

    5. Nissan Exalta - This just became another option. Nakita ko kasi sa buyadnsell na most exaltas 2000 models are selling for 280-310ish. i was never a fan of nissan since we had a bad experience of our vanette (r.i.p), but after seeing the interior of the exalta, ang gandaaaa!!! sleek and sophisticated. im a big fan of leather (lols) and wood panel kc.. the interior compensates for the lack of its exterior design... and yea, atleast 2000 model dba?

    in order for the kind ones to suggest/share their thoughts in a more "precise(?)" way, i figured i shud tell u guys some stuff about me.

    I'm 19, single, studies at CSB. Multimedia and Fashion design student. usually values form over function. lol.
    comfortability and convenience = top priority .
    power / performance = close second. lols
    5'7, fair complexion, med built. hehehe prang friendster? lol.

    so ayun, thanks for tsaking time to read my uber LONG and complicated dilemma.

    if you value form over function, get the Exalta pa din, maganda loob nyan.

    OT sir, ano yun Multimedia and Fashion Design na course sa CSB?

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    Nov 2005
    among your choices, the nisssan exalta, STA talaga ang bang for the buck.
    very impressive interior, the best among compact cars during its generation. engine is ok, even at high speeds tahimik siya, at least compared to other compacts. but its matic transmission, not very responsive even when floored, bibitinin ka talaga. some of its weakness: its shocks give up early. observe mo yung units (exaltas) majority of them liit na ng clearance from fenders to wheels. the sun roof, well if neglected, paguumpisahan ng leak, which will cause stains sa ceiling mo. simpleng problema, pero nakakirita.
    and its a gas guzzler... but from your choices, imo this car will best serve your purpose of city driving... goodluck

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    Aug 2006
    for me I rather go to honda lxi or vti 2001 lambing lng ng conti ky mom!!! tlagang wow kinis!!!
    honda cars?

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    Nov 2005
    ... also, don't expect decent resale value. :down:
    but as the buyer, take advantage of it. :naughty2:

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    Oct 2002
    you know what a practical suggestion is bring your kuya with yoiu , and let him take a look at the cars that you wanted, it seems that you don't really know anything about cars, I'm sure if you do it on your own, maloloko ka lang, and another thing you have to actually start looking na, as per your account lahat ng gusto mo sold na, kasi you really need to go and see the cars and not just looking in the papers, and at the end of the day kung anong gusto mo yun pa rin ang dapat na sundin mo dahil hinde naman kami ang gagamit ng kotse... so make up your mind and puntahan mo na yun type mong kotse and then pagisipan mong mabuti....

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    Oct 2002
    don't rush buying your'll eventually get a lemon if you rush things.

    the fact that you don't know much mechanical on car (probably except driving it)... you're better off with an older model car at a lower price and start "learning more about cars" on it.

    but if you're not too geeky about cars or have no inclination about things mechanical....I firmly suggest that you get a brandnew car instead...that way it won't break fast (honda jazz, suzuki swift, toyota vios - nice cars with good fuel consumption).

    Of your choices you posted, the 2000 exalta would be the best kasi modelo and have all the ammenities but I don't think it would do you good either kasi parts of nissan are always known to be expensive...(break the a/c compressor you'll spend around P12k-16k on a calsonic compressor nito...shiet)...a three year old car starts to have problem na...

    8-9km per liter fuel consumption is on the medium to high...(expeditions have about 4-6km/L fuel conversion the jazz have 16-23km/L fuel conversion).

    hope we can confuse you more....

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