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    Jan 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by marsha07 View Post
    Sorry im not yet familiar since it just came out. What are these features in MU-X that are not in TB?
    1. SMART key - pindut lang sa door mag open na.
    2. Push start stop engine. pindut lang mag start na.
    Traction control
    4 wheel disc brakes
    cruise control
    Leather seats
    kaya worth yung price nya na 1.358 M
    meron din nyan sa TB kaso sa 4X4 lang makikita

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    Sep 2011
    ^Wow. Ayos yan kung ganon! Kase sa TB, yung ToTL lang talaga yung nalagyan nian

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    Mar 2014
    Wala bang 4x4 mt ? Hindi ko talaga type mga automatic, siguro after 20 years magugustuhan ko na

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    Dec 2006
    Panget for me ang Trailblazer. Aanhin ko ang 200 hp kung hindi naman ako nagagandahan sa minamaneho ko.

    Definitely MU-X for me.

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    Jun 2011
    iba iba talaga ang taste natin... ako naman i dont like the looks of the new mux... pati interior, mas maganda at malaki tingnan ang Trail blazer... mas modern na din ang engine...

    actually im also choosing between the mux and the tb..

    we find the MUX ok lang... ordinary..

    My family choose the trailblazer over the isuzu because of its looks.. both inside and out... and positive feedbacks sa mga owners... ang reklamo lang nila masyado daw magaang tumakbo pag nasa highways ka na you cannot feel na highspeeds ka na... Owners are all praises... matipid, smooth, magaang dalhin.. rides better than the ranger... etc.. puro positive kasi... then no major issues pa... then i can get it pa through bank P.O. yung isuzu commonwealth naka reserve daw units nila sa inhouse financing lang.. then may 20k discount pa ang trailblazer.... and isuzu meron naman d.i.

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    Mar 2013
    Im happy with my LTZ even though its not yet with the upgraded engine. Maybe the plastics could be better but I am glad I got it. I am a torque guy so the difference would be significant for me.

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    Jun 2011
    sa picture pala ang ganda ng ISUZU...

    pero nung pinuntahan ko sa showroom..

    bakit ganun?

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    Oct 2002
    check mo din refreshed Captiva, 7 seater diesel at 1.4M din lang.

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    Mar 2011
    If the sound of closing the door is a factor. Laglag pareho ang 2 ito. The sound and feel is not that solid.

    Just for comparison and strictly sa said part. Yung 2007 fortuner, door closed better than a brandnew mu x.

    On topic, Mu x .

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    Sep 2014
    Same dillema here as the OP, first choice is tbz, but when I heard of mux and the additional safety features of it, I started liking it but when I saw the unit yesterday, parang May kulang...

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Trailblazer or MU-X