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    Oct 2002
    Dealerships, I mean.

    I was on Quezon Avenue today when I saw that the Toyota Quezon Avenue parking was a quite empty. I was tempted to drop by and see the Avanza, so I did. When I entered the showroom (around 2pm), everyone seemed busy either talking to somebody or on their cellphones. Everyone was running around, etc. I had wanted to ask some questions about the product (like where they put the jack and tools) but no one was there to assist.

    Oh well, at least the vehicles were unlocked (unlike in Mitsubishi Motors Quezon Ave.). I just checked out the other units and left. The guard did try to aid me in backing out. At least he was attentive.

    Since I was already in the area, I decided to drop by Kia Quezon Avenue as well. There was a lack of parking space as all the test drive units (Picanto, Rio, Sportage, Sorento) were occupying the prime slots. The guard did manage to find a way for me to park the longish W123 I was driving. And they have the most polite guards there based on my experience when I drop by the parts department.

    When I went into the showroom, I was greeted by a sales executive (agent). I guess it's typical for sales agents to be a bit 'madaldal' about their product so its ok. We went to the Rio display where he gave me a comprehensive walkaround of the unit (I really don't need one, but at least they do).

    Though I said that I was just looking, he still volunteered to let me do a short test drive around the Sto. Domingo area in the Rio. Aside from a too light clutch (are all units like that?) and the disconnected speedo, the ride was uneventful.

    Back at the dealership, the Kia Rep gave me two full color brochures of the Rio as well as color brochures of their other units (K2700, Sorento, Picanto) before asking for my contact number. Also gave me a short walkaround of the Sorento and their dealership facility.

    Kahit scratch paper wala akong nakuha sa Toyota. Blech. I guess Toyota can really afford to sell on brand name alone.
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    Aug 2003
    ganyan din sa Honda Makati.

    when we went to GM Makati the sales guy was all over the place. really attentive and all. and quickie test drive.

    whereas sa Honda Makati.... nakapaglibot na kami at naupuan yung 2x City, 1x Jazz.. walang pumapansin. although eventually the sales person came to our assistance although nagpaparinig na ako at that rate na wala silang customer service.

    and the sad thing is, in the end we'll probably buy something from Honda Makati and not from GM. :P

    i guess Honda can also ride on their damnable brand.

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    Oct 2002
    Ganyan sa maraming Toyota dealerships...

    - while looking at the Fortuner before, they didn't even have a brochure for cyring out loud! all they have is a photocopied pricelist of their products. ho-hum. though in one of their branches at least the agent was kind enough to escort us to the warehouse to showcase the Fortuner.

    - while looking at the new Rav4 and Camry before, not one of their agents assisted me.

    - when we were shopping for our Rav4 before - no brochure whatsover was given to me. a boring round the parking lot test drive was all that they could offer.

    - when I was inquiring before about the Sorento I was given a good treatment by one of their "matured" sales agents. the brochure was complete and he answered all of my questions about the Sorento. same thing when we test drove the Sorento at The Fort a few months ago.

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    Oct 2002
    Nakakalungkot lang dito sa Pangasinan, yung showroom ng Kia (sa Calasiao) lumiit habang ang sa Toyota ay nagpagawa pa ng bagong building. I went inside the new Kia showroom once and I felt claustrophobic. I hope things change for the better now that Kia Pangasinan has been acquired by the Laus Group, which also manages Hyundai, GM and Ford Dagupan.

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    Oct 2002
    May factor ang W123 Doc, malakas sa mga guardya ang MB hehehe

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by theveed View Post
    May factor ang W123 Doc, malakas sa mga guardya ang MB hehehe
    Pwede! hahaha.

    Pero ok talaga yung guards dun sa Kia. When the Sportage diesel LX was launched, I wanted to take a look at it. Kaya lang medyo late na ko natapos sa UST. Pagdating ko sa dealer, closed na daw. May mga tao pa naman but they were closing for the day already (pinapatay na yung malalakas na ilaw sa showroom). Naawa ata yung guard sa akin, he still let me in. Pero nag-apologize siya na wala sa kanya ang susi ng unit. Hindi ko din naman ineexpect na nasa kanya so ok lang. At least he let me look at it up close. Nag-apologize din dahil wala nang ahente. Hindi naman niya kasalanan iyon, uwian naman na talaga.

    Nung next na punta ko naman, may warranty claim ako for the Picanto. Siyempre medyo killing time muna sa showroom floor while they worked on the vehicle. Nilapitan ko ulit yung Sorento. May Sorento CRDi EX na kasi. Binuksan nung guard yung mga pinto sabay sales talk: "Ito sir bago namin, maganda ito..." Sabi ko na lang sa isip ko, ok dito ha, pati guard dumodoble as agent. At least accomodating.

    Tama observation ni M2, walang brochure ang Fortuner. Yung Avanza puro photocopy ang brochure. Yung ibang Toyota agents parang walang alam sa product. Sasabihin lang: "Ito po ang Fortuner..." Tapos yayain ka na sa mesa para makapag-compute ng quotation.
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    Nov 2004
    meron na ba rio hatchback? how much?

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    Nov 2002
    Bad dealers = good sales

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    Oct 2002
    no matter how attentive and everything GM dealers may be, I will never ever buy another GM crapmobile again. hehehe

    on a side note, if GM sales staff are good, GM service staff are downright terrible.

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    Oct 2002
    Only 1 Rio trim level is available.

    The Sedan M/T for Php535k. Sony Explod sound system, anti-theft system, power steering, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, 60:40 folding seatback, 1.4 engine (94bhp), cabin air filtration system, etc.

    But does not come with SRS, ABS, alloy wheels.
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