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    Oct 2006
    that's because they don't bother reading the forum rules.
    Damn, son! Where'd you find this?

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    Oct 2002
    If both came out at the same time? that would be very interesting, match na match talaga tong dalawa na to, siguro sa marketing sila magkakatalo, mas aggresive mag market ang toyota i think, which will give them a slight edge.
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    Apr 2006
    You choose:


    Montero Sport

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    Oct 2008
    * my4tuner & proheart: uyy teka lng i did not intend to INSULT or HURT your FEELINGS, im only giving my HONEST COMMENTS regarding the Fortuner and the Montero Sport...

    I even said i loved the fort's spacious interior but it stops there, i can't just fabricate things that aren't really pleasing. I have to be honest since this is a vehicle comparison thread.

    I am truly sorry if i hurt your feelings, and i am not a proud MS owner what's to be proud of a cheap vehicle, all im concerned is if i could use and enjoy it, more on practical side rather than pride besides its not me who started the name calling and personal attacks, my statements were from personal experience of the two vehicles.

    i can say mitsubishi quality is superb since i owned a Pajero before switching to the Fortuner and believe me no problems ever encountered in almost 5 years except change oil, greasing and tire change so when i had the fortuner i felt a HUGE DECLINE of quality, I say this because this is the TRUTH with all the love in the world

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    Nov 2008
    *tambok, kindly go back and read your posts bro. everything was there. and you don't have to explain anyway, coz for me, i know who i am and i know how to appreciate everything that i have.

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    Aug 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by oliver1013 View Post
    Personalan na to ah..

    Guys, I don't think naman na meron name-mersonal dito. "Personalan" to me is when someone attacks the character of another. So far naman walang naninira ng puri ng iba - sa nababasa ko so far ha.

    Yes, I agree, there are some rants directed against a particular automaker, but I don't take that as PERSONALAN per se. Lahat naman yata tayo me rant against some automaker over one issue or another, and it just so happens that some people criticize directly to the point - ala na paligoy ligoy - and medyo ang lakas ng dating ng rant.

    But as consumers with no vested interests, we should not take that as a personal attack against our person, unless of course, maybe, if we own (a part of) that company (automaker) or we are an employee of that company (automaker).

    Ako, I don't own a Fort, but I own Toyota vehicles and I don't take what has been written so far as an insult to my person for buying a Toyota vehicle. To each his own, live and let live, wika nga ng matatalino.

    Just my .02. Peace to all...

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    Oct 2002
    The forums are here to make would be buyers make intelligent decisions on their future purchases as well as for enthusiasts to analyze and critique vehicles based on their own merits and against their immediate competitors. If this did not happen, automotive technology would not improve and we'd still be driving model T's with gas lamps and crank starters.

    Let's avoid getting too emotional here. True, we really love our rides but keep in mind that other people love theirs as well. In the same sense, let us not be too sensitive when our rides get criticized because sometimes the criticisms are true and this can help engineers improve future models.

    I use to drive a Mitsu, my dad has a Yota, now I drive a Nissan. Each brand has its strength and weaknesses. The Mitsubishi has served me well, been to hell and back with it with no major problem. Unfortunately, Mitsu doesn't make a model that fits my need (full size 4x4 with live axle front suspension) so I shifted brands. The Nissan ain't bad also, but it also has its share of compromises (like a crowded cabin because all the hardware have been raised up to be protected from the elements).

    If between the MS and Fort, I'd prolly get the MS because it fits my needs and wants better than the Fort.
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    Oct 2008
    * leonleon & OTEP: I agree on you both, what did was criticize products of two brands.

    Getting back to topic... although a lot has been said regarding the issue i still stand by my conviction that the Fortuner is a SUCKY vehicle has cheap plastics that gets chipped easily, bad leather seats, ugly REAR, rock hard ride and a trashy d4d engine.

    engine is a VERY IMPORTANT factor, if the engine's worth trash, might as well throw the vehicle, regret purchasing if you have purchased, DO not intend to purchase if you're intending.

    Honestly in my humble opinion i think the 2.5 D4D Varaiant of the fortuner is the shittiest, ugliest, the most underpowered, and the lone SUV wannabe on the Market today i mean basing on the engine alone 102HP with lesser torque just wont do it.. even the 2.5DiD strada has more power... i wonder how the vehicle climb steep hills siguro pinapa baba yung mga passengers at pinapatulak hahaha makes me wonder why did toyota ever think of releasing such model.

    to those mad at me for giving honest comments ENJOY YOUR ROCK HARD RIDE and TRASHY ENGINE nalang Peace

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    Nov 2008
    [SIZE=3]Anyway, we’re not kidz here anymore and common sense does applies too as professional car owners. Having a new or even an old car or whatever car is like having a new member of your family. And thats how I treat all of my cars bro, and maybe most of us here. I believed, if I would change the word “fortuner” or “fort” on your post with the word “wife” or any other members of your family and address it back to you, you won’t like it either. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=3]This forum is meant to be more constructive and everybody here deserves respect and considerations no matter what they have. Nothing is so personal and emotional here, we’re just trying to generate a more helpful and more useful means of medium of information to aid those people trying to come up with the right decisions abiding with the forum rules and etiquette.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3]Cheers and God Bless![/SIZE]

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    Aug 2005
    We have a Fortuner 2.7Gas Variant since at that time MS was not available, But if given such chance then it could be the Montero Sports should be. W'ell just wait for the 2.5AT MS which is available now in Thailand, I hope Mitsu Phils will bring this Model here in Phils.

Toyota Fortuner vs. 2008 Mitsubishi Montero Sport