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    Quote Originally Posted by jut703 View Post
    Comparing car A and car B both selling for, say, 1M. But car A will have resale value that is 100k higher than car B.
    If you take that into consideration, it's like car A is 1M while car B is 1.1M.

    If you still like car B more even if effectively you'll spend more for it, then go. But if you feel that your 100k in 5 years (or whenever you wanna sell it) will be better used for other ventures (investments, education of children, etc), then perhaps it's better to think again.

    I don't get why resale price is not important but people care about sticker price.
    Is it because sticker price is what you pay now (or in the span of several years if you loan it), vs. resale price which you only realize once you sell it?

    Money is money, and even if you factor in depreciation, a huge variance in resale value still results to a huge variance in your net cash flow relating to the vehicle purchase.

    I would understand it more if someone who doesn't care about resale value also doesn't care about sticker price, but most people here are so particular about the latter.
    i think it's because sticker price is in black and white, while resale price is a wild guess, based on reputation, past experience, and wishful thinking..

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr. d View Post
    i think it's because sticker price is in black and white, while resale price is a wild guess, based on reputation, past experience, and wishful thinking..
    If you're parting with 1M of hard-earned cash, I don't think it's too difficult to check Sulit for used car prices of the previous gen of the car to get a good idea on its resale value.

    But the sad reality is, too many people buy cars without digging deep into specs, without reviewing the loans they will be availing, without researching on resale value, casa service quality, or spare parts availability.

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    bossing naman... para mo nang sinabing, t****** at wala nang iba pa! heh heh.

    thru the years, i have grown to learn that cars made or assembled here, are the cars that are easier to maintain thru the years..
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    Quote Originally Posted by confused shoes View Post
    You buy the car because you like it. You can't equate that with it's resale value. Mataas nga ang resale value nung binili mo, tulo laway ka naman pag nakikita mo yung gusto mo talaga.

    The price difference and the resale value for me is no big deal. Important is I am happy with the buy.
    +1 on that!

    My <3 goes to Mazda3, my brain tells me to get T....

    The Mazda3 rin hehehe

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    I had this dilemna as well before i made my choice.

    -agressive styling,very sporty feel and ride,nice stereo and sound system

    Styling is okay, quiet ride reminds me of a camry, poor headunit and mediocre speakers

    Price wise mas mahal si altis but price more or less levelled a bit when toyota decided to give a cash discount while mazda 0 talaga. That was pretty much the clincher for me so i opted for the altis. Yes may yojin 3 but honestly mas natakot pa ako sa yojin 3 than for it to be a come on. Why its like 3 years free service nga baka naman bumawi after 3 years on the 4th and 5th might be spending a lot for parts and labor sa casa

    The mazda is a pretty solid car but of course i also thought of warranty and stuff yes may yojin 3 but after 3 years how accesible will parts be outside the casa? Toyota is toyota so im sure parts will be easy to find in our local aftermarket stores.

    To be honest i made a practical choice over what i saw and felt.

    But if we are to talk about the 2.0 variants in a heartbeat i would take the mazda over altis any given day

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    Quote Originally Posted by jut703 View Post
    Ang daming parang hindi man lang nagreresearch.

    For those who can't be bothered to do a bit of reading before parting with close to a million (or most likely borrowing close to a million), here are some facts:
    - The Mazda 3, along with all other Mazda vehicles, have free maintenance for 3 years. That includes parts and labor for almost everything (oil, filter, fluids, etc). If you will put each maintenance visit at 4000 pesos every 6 months/10000 km, that's P72,000 of savings.
    - The Mazda 3 1.5V is speced similarly to the Altis 1.6V (both have climate control, push start ignition, 4-wheel disc brakes, Bluetooth connectivity, etc). The Mazda is only P945k. The Altis is P999k. Therefore, the Mazda 3 is cheaper.

    Other things to consider:
    - Once warranty expires, maintenance of the Mazda should be similar to the Altis if you have it done at any reputable shop outside casa. Parts for the Mazda also exist in Banawe. But since both the Altis and Mz3 are new, parts are pretty hard to come by.
    - The Altis is much more spacious than the Mazda 3
    - The Altis has noticeably more power (esp in low revs) than the Mazda 3
    - From my experience, the Mazda has sharper steering and more planted suspension
    - Historically, the Altis has better resale value over the same-gen Mazda 3. Most likely that this will be the case with this generation.

    I'm not against Toyota. The Altis is a great car. I am against uninformed forumers basing their decisions and recommendations on outdated/erroneous data.

    I'm also looking at these two cars and am still torn. It's space and power vs. handling and soul. Pretty hard choice but I think you can't go wrong with either.
    Yup. Either of the two you won't go wrong. It all boils down to personal preferences.

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