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    Jan 2003
    seen both units. mas maluwag leg room ng APV sa 2nd and 3rd row, sa 1st row ang problema is the wheel well proturding sa foot area on both side, since malaki ako istorbo sa paa ko, just what Tsuperman said. My right knee hits the shift knob even when i'm not shifting. advantage of the avp is its ground clearance mas mataas but prone to body roll.

    the avanza is more car like to me but still very far from a sedan ride, ok ang 1st and 2nd row seat. the 3rd row... just forget about it.

    over-all i'll get an avanza... why? dahil lang sa the engine is monted in front at 4 lang kami sasakay. but if i needed a bigger car with a small engine...apv na

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    Jul 2007
    salamat po mr meledson. may plano po kasi si wife na bumili ng avanza kaya medyo nag-re-research from people with personal experience with the said vehicle.

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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by dennisplegaspi View Post
    salamat po mr meledson. may plano po kasi si wife na bumili ng avanza kaya medyo nag-re-research from people with personal experience with the said vehicle.
    Check out the Avanza Thread. Marami kang makukuha na information from owners and soon to be owners.

    If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

    BTW, welcome to the forum.

    When the APV first came out. I said that this will be a practical car for my family, untill the Avanza came along. Each vehicle has it's pros and cons. A major pro for me for the Avanza was the fuel economy and power of the engine. DOHC VVTi. I have read the reviews (the Avanza thread twice) before we got the Avanza.

    About 98-99% of the time, there are 2 or 3 people riding , but 1 to 2 % of the time, I am with my family and Yayas. A passenger car was too small for this 1 to 2% of the time.

    Longest distance travelled in one go (with the whole family and yaya, 6 adults and 2 toddlers) is Laguna to Tarlac City with side trips (the next day) from Tarlac City to Angeles City. I left Laguna with a full tank, I came back with an almost empty tank (fuel low warning light is still off).

    My daily commute of about 90 Km mixed city and hiway, I now get more than 13Km per liter (before it was 12+).

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    Sep 2005
    i was in the same situation.. i was looking at the APV for our first car.. pero ended up getting the Avanza.. well hindi pa.. baka next week pa..

    ok naman yung room nang avanza.. malalaki kami.. i'm 5'10" eh kasya naman ako sa 3rd row nang avanza.. tapos dual aircon pa..

    and higit sa lahat.. matipid sa gas.. and you have the toyota badge.. plus the 30T discount that they are offering this month.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by thebat View Post
    Avanza = new fx taxi
    Masikip sa 3rd row parang lagayan lang ng gamit

    Suzuki APV = exclusive family van
    It can also seat 8 people very comfortably. P765,000 is already automatic thus very easy to drive.

    Suzuki APV no doubt!
    hindi ba mainit sa wetpaks ang APV nasa ilalim kasi ng upuan yung engine? like sa mga l300

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    Jul 2007
    the avanza is the more practical choice for me.

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    Mar 2006
    A van is suppose to be comfy for all.

    APV for me.

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    Sep 2004
    I choose the APV.

    But I wish that Suzuki would make the dual-aircon feature standard on both M/T and A/T models. I wouldn't want to go for the A/T variant just because of the extra aircon at the back.

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    Oct 2006
    Avanza ang choice ng mas marami. For me hangang J lang. Kasi kung higher model better na mag Adventure GLX diesel.

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    Just wanna share why we got the avanza.

    1. Because its a Toyota and the parts and service are readily available anywhere.
    2. It's cheap or rather say affordable for a 7 seater car/van or some say 5+2. It is also helpful for our small business.
    3. My wife is the one who always use it and she find it easily to drive.
    4. Fuel efficient. Sometimes I borrow this because of its low fuel consumption.
    5. The 3rd row seat is not that small. I tried seating in that part with another passenger since i want to experience it when my wife drove it from Pangsinan to La Union and it was not that bad rather it was comfortable. You can still squeeze 1 more passenger but will sacriface the comfort. Btw I am 5'10'' in height.
    6. Even with the 1.3 engine i would say it is powerful since we tried going to Baguio with 5 adult passenger and 2 kids with the airconditon on since it was raining and to avoid the moist inside the windows.
    7.The aircon vent can supply needed air to all passenger since its dual.

    The only thing that maybe dissapoints me is the body, it has thin sheet of steel. Pero all in all satisfied naman. You just need to add some accessories on the J to achieve what you like.

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Toyota Avanza vs. Suzuki APV