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    Mar 2005
    baka hindi na "boiled eggs" scrambled na lang sa tagtag

    j/k lang po

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    Apr 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by thebat View Post
    Me nagsabi pa sa akin na Korean Daihatsu people carry van daw yun na binili ng Toyota Indonesia yung design (need more research).
    Daihatsu is Japanese not Korean. It has also been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyota since 1999, so you'll see Daihatsus re-badged as Toyotas. In this case, the Avanza is a re-badged Daihatsu Xenia. Same with the Wish which is a re-badged next-gen Daihatsu Terios.

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    Oct 2002
    Yung Toyota Blizzard naman, naging Daihatsu after a few years (forgot the exact model name). Weather weather lang iyan. :lol:
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    Jun 2005
    IMO, a car with the engine underneath the seat will always have warmer seats than a car with the engine in front (or back), no matter how much insulation you put underneath the seat. Our L300 was ok when you drove it on the highway at speed, but crawl in traffic often enough and you'll soon wish your driver was doing the driving.

    Also, the short "hood" of the APV is a concern for me, safety-wise, since there isn't that much of a crumple zone to help protect the occupants during a head-on collision. Don't get me wrong, the APV's design is certainly better than the L300, but if it's compared to something like an Avanza, I'd rather go for the latter. Come to think of it, the fact that the Avanza J will be made into a taxi should not be too much of a minus for it since the APV also has a "bare" version (for delivery duties and such), right? If the taxi Avanza make it look "masa", then the dlivery APV will also make it look "masa".

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    Sep 2004
    hindi naman cguro kasing init ng L300 yung APV even if bought have their engines under the driver seat.APV was designed to have the radiator placed in front far away from the engine(which i think is a better design). while the L300's radiator are mounted together with the engine that is why it is very hot. where everyone knows that the radiator's sole purpose is to displace the heat developed by the engine.

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    Aug 2004
    Haven't heard of complaints regarding the APV's seat yet.

    RE: Fuel consumption of the APV MT is about 8 km/l in traffic. Not bad for a high-capacity vehicle with a small engine. I'm betting the Avanza 1.5 will be 8.5 and the Avanza 1.3 between 8.5 and 9.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Mar 2006
    idol otep, sent you a P.M.

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    Sep 2006
    mag lalabas na daw ng Avanza with factory installed LPG fuel sytem for taxis according to a friend who works for toyota. P23 pesos a liter daw ang cost for lpg. sa liit ng avanza san kaya ilalagay yung lpg tank if you plan to use the 3rd row seats? sa bubong?

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    Jun 2006
    If this is true, the lpg tank will replace the 3rd row seat. Avanza taxi units only have 2 rows. It has something to do with LTFRB or LTO rules and regulations that limit taxis to 5 seats with the exception of mega taxi franchises.

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    Sep 2004
    Re: mainit na upuan, Suzuki maketing spin doctors should use it as a selling point: "Suzuki APV comes standard with warm front seats, providing a massaging effect to soothe the driver after a long, tiring ride..."

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