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    Nov 2013
    Bro, sirs, car owners/enthusiast and da likes. As my name implies, I'm honestly on a tight budget. but taking all into consideration, I can sustain and afford one of the above mention autos.

    just go ahead and correct if I am wrong

    obvious overall bet would be the Vios?
    cheapest I presume is G4?
    how bout best in terms of FC?

    naka dial up lang internet connection ko, tipid mode kc. hehehehehehe.

    thanks in advance.

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    Mar 2008
    if you are on a budget, i suggest you consider a used car instead of a new car.
    the cheapest in your list is the g4. but in case you need to sell it, the vios will probably command a higher resale value because of its popularity..
    fuel-wise, the g4 seems to be the miser. but it's still a new model, and only time will tell if it really is the fuel miser we believe it to be..

    talking from experience, your projected costs of owning and using a new car are probably less than the actual. there are many hidden costs to car ownership..

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    Nov 2013
    I'm currently driving a 91 sentra. I'm no longer confident using it with long drives anymore especially if family is riding with me, baka bigla makalas (=
    resale value is not a factor naman po.
    i'll just check on G4s perf after a few months. it would take a few bago lumitaw mga sakit kasi.

    thanks Dok.

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    Mar 2008
    they're giving up to 40K discount of sorts on the g4 now... freshly inquired from my SA..
    i have yet to inquire from toyota what discounts they are brewing up..
    nissan is also giving 30K discount..

    the price wars are heating up.. i wonder what their christmas promos will be...

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    Nov 2013
    wow! that's a lot. another edge is safety, rio base alang airbags ata. for the Juans tlga. dok san branch yan? ill try to visit ung branch sa tapat ng heritage by Monday.

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    Dec 2012
    Walang airbags yung rio 1.2. Yun yung taxi model nila. Its really bare. Pawis windows nga yung likod nun eh. Vios na. Since you can afford it naman. The J isnt as bare as the rio. May airbags at power windows yun. Wala nga lang keyless entry. kung stretch talaga ang vios, mirage hb is the better choice.

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    Dec 2006
    Padi mas mura na ata mag-DSL ngayon kaysa dial-up internet. Hehehe.

    BTT: Vios. Cheap to run, cheap to fix. Doesn't break down easily. Looks better than the other two.

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    Dec 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Budget View Post
    naka dial up lang internet connection ko, tipid mode kc. hehehehehehe.
    kapag may incoming call ka, boom dc sa net

    kung pwede i test drive mo din yung 3 cars.

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    Apr 2010
    Vios sir. Mas mura maintenance.

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    Jun 2012
    g4 para sakin. ang laki rin ng matitipid mo, halos 100k. 578k (40k discount) vs 630k (don't know how much is the discount though)

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