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    Apr 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by RF02 View Post
    same questions tayo sir nuon nung bibili palang ako ng pick-up (months ago) RANGER and STRADA din pinagpilian ko.

    share ko sayo ginawa ko kaya in the end naka pili ako ng tamang pick-up.

    1. ginamit ko yun search button dito sa tsikot, nag search ako about ranger and strada binasa ko isa-isa at nag take down notes pa ako.

    2. i-private message mo yung mga owners ng RANGER and STRADA to ask personally yun gumugulo sa isip mo based sa mga nabasa mo.

    3. magregister ka sa forum ng FCP (ford club PH) para masmalinawan ka pa about sa Ranger... FCP | The Official Site of Ford Club Philippines

    lahat ng questions mo sir masasagot mo... maskumpleto pa

    inshort binili ko strada glx-v hehe
    uber satisfied pang harabas ko everyday sa work
    Kumusta naman sasakyan mo bro? How's the gas mileage and your daily route? Nabibigatan ka ba sa steering? Mausok ba?

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    Dec 2012
    *TS yung 2 lang ba pagpipilian mo ayaw mo ng D-MAX?

    just asking...

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    Aug 2011
    Both pick ups are okay. Ive tried both of them. But inmo and experienced, mitsu strada has the advantage when it comes to afterservice and parts availability over ford.

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    Jun 2011
    ive also test drive both strada and ranger...

    strada's suspension is a bit soft.. more of a van than a car... the ranger is more stable in corners and at high speeds

    steering... ranger is responsive... but a bit heavy...

    power--- the ranger is very responsive compare to the strada..

    you can feel the ranger is more solidly build... mas tahimik din ang engine... less vibration...

    IMO the ranger is at a different level... or maybe its just me...

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    Feb 2013
    Spend sometime reading the Ford Ranger thread here. Dami nagrereklamo with various complaints like very high PMS, expensive parts and harder to find spare parts outside CASA, transmission problems, etc... Also one of the common complaints is the 2.2 version is just not cutting it. My guess is it's too underpowered for the much bigger and heavier chassis than the 3.2 version is more fuel efficient becuase it has a better power-to-weight ratio. Same thing happened in the new Vios. Since the new Vios is bigger and heavier than the previous gen. the 1.5 version is more fuel efficient than the 1.3.

    Also, if you are not in a hurry. Wait for the new Strada that will come out either in the 4th qtr or 1st half of next year. Baka biglang ka mag-sisi pag di mo hinintay.

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    Aug 2009
    BT50 is an alternative, if you want the ranger. Looks are a toss-up and is always subjective.

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    Dec 2006
    Pano naging underpowered ang 2.2? Magkaiba ang underpowered sa turbo lag. The Ranger has more than enough power as long as it's in the rev range. Same din naman with the Strada may turbo lag din though probably not as bad as the Ranger.

    Also, curious about the PMS of the Strada. Ranger's PMS is about 7k every 10,000 km. Strada is every 5,000. Unless the Strada's PMS is less than 3.5k, edi lamang pa Ranger.

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    Jan 2011
    Strada GLS V owner here, for me, ang katapat nya ay ang 3.2 Ranger Wildtrak, mas maganda talaga ang wildtrak at mas maraming features ( deal breaker nga lang for me ang wala syang 7inches touchscreen at rear window that opens). but hearing all the hassles and horror stories in acquiring the wildtrak 3.2 and the much higher costs involved, DI and all, i am glad i bought the strada GLS V. bihira ko namang gamitin ang bed, so kahit maliit sya compared sa iba ay ayos pa rin, as long as the cabin space is really spacious dahil yun naman ang mas mahalaga eh, comfortable din ang ride. and of course, you MUST change its tires to a much bigger one para di sya awkward tingnan. 15 months old already and NO major/minor problem sa engine. my fuel consumption is between 9km/l to 12.5km/liter, more than 10k kms na itinakbo nya.

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    Jan 2011
    pero kung between the GLX V strada and Ranger XLT matic, super lamang ang XLT sa maraming aspects. sa tires and rims pa lang, mas maganda at malaki ang ranger.

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    Jan 2014
    The ranger gets my vote
    value for money
    800 mm water wadding
    bigger cargo bed
    spacious cabin

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