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    Sep 2010
    Good day mga sir, lalo na sa mga old schoolers ( kung meron pa dito hehehe)

    I decided na dito na lang post dilema ko, since bias to pag sa kani kanilang forums ko post to

    First of all im a old schooler by heart,iba pakiramdam ko pag luma parang inaantok kasi ako mag modelo yung kotse na minamaneho ko HAHA. May mga modelo naman kotse sa bahay pero still i prefer mga "luma" Pag ibang family members kasama ko yun gamit ko takot kasi sila sa "lumang" oto ko:belat

    I currently own a well maintained 87 orig Gt Lancer boxtype, daily driver and has been loyal to me so far.
    I decided one day to look for a new toy; medyo pumasok na yung sawa factor so nilagay ko siya sa online ads.
    Someone offered me his 74 brazil beetle well maintained din, daily driver din. And medyo headturner nga nung nakita ko personally.
    Isa pang dilema ko is wala ko idea sa mga old school eu's. Maka hapon kasi ako

    Since familiar naman mag tao dito sa box and beetle, both icons and peoples car.

    Eto po mga tanong ko.

    1. If given a chance a both well maintained nga what would you choose as a daily driver?

    2. sa mga owners o naka hawak na ng beetle before hirap ba siya i maintained? Parts etc..

    3. meron na ba naka drive both ng box and beetle? ano difference nila?

    4. lastly sino mas pogi sa kanilang 2?

    Maraming maraming salamat po sa pag basa hope you can post your comments and opinions dito.

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    Mar 2008
    the reason the air-cooled beetle was discontinued, is because the japanese cars offered the same or better performance, at smaller cost of manufacture. but beetle aficionadoes scoff at this. to these hardcore fanatics, the beetle is forever.
    but realistically, the only advantage of the beetle is the absence of water coolant and radiator maintenance problems. the corolla and other japanese cars out-perform the beetle in almost every other aspect. beetle spare parts are not really that more expensive than japanese parts, but they are not that easy to source anymore. beetles drive and maintain just like other cars.. some like it, some don't.
    many VW fanatics may have babied VWs in their garages, but they drive corollas for their daily chores. heh heh.
    lastly, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.
    we grew up around VWs.. beetles, kombis, brasilias.. i now drive japanese cars. they're more practical. but if someone were to sell me a well-maintained VW for a good price, i'd probably buy it and use it for special occasions.

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    Aug 2004
    The box-type definitely drives better, is quicker, is more comfortable and probably much more fuel efficient for the power. But I like the back-seat and head-room of the Beetle a bit more. And the looks... man... nothing beats a Beetle... even if it's a Super Beetle (with the silly big tail-lights (that can be fixed easy) and the big rear window), I'd go for it.

    If I had the chance to own an original Beetle in running condition at a good price, I'd get it in a heartbeat. But at this point, prices are finally starting to go up and the parts suppy is starting to dry up.

    Of course, with all the Beetle enthusiasts around the world, the parts train won't disappear completely, but "cheap" parts may. But then this is true even of the classic Japanese cars.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Mar 2009
    Your boxtype may be more practical than the beetle since you already know the history of the car and you don't know his. There's a possibility that repairs may arise soon -- but that what makes owning an oldschool car fun, right?

    The boxtype would also have more abundant parts compared to the beetle, as whether which of the two has more expensive components I have yet to know. If I could guess, most probably it would still be the Boxtype since units are more abundant than Beetles itself. However, sourcing for rare components shouldn't be hard as long as you keep contact with VW enthusiasts. They should have contacts to whatever parts needed. Or, you could always check eBay for them.

    As to which of the two is a looker, the VW definitely wins it.

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    Sep 2010
    Maraming salamat sa mga opinions nyo sir. Still a very hard decision talaga hehehe.

For Old school heads.