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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Bry View Post
    Here's the problem. Toyota doesn't allow the Vios to be made into a taxi anymore (wait for the Avanza daw!).
    Question lang po, so kung gagawin mo na taxi yung Vios hindi ka nila pagbebentahan? Ganun po ba?

    If that's the case, isn't that pretty stupid on Toyota's part.

    I can't seem to get the rationale on this one, will someone please enlighten me.


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    Dec 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    The Rio is actually a good choice. It's rated in Australia as the "Cheapest car to run". Here in the Philippines, that distinction goes to the Getz ( ) and in Germany, the Picanto... (x2).

    *OTEP: Good observation... mukhang may binebenta?
    I think ok ang Kia Rio 1.4 kaya puwede siyang taxi.Nissan eh medyo mahal na kaya medyo hindi na ginagawang taxi.Vios?malabo na talagang maging pang taxi these days(may Toyota salesman yata dito.....)

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by jovintgo View Post
    i never saw a nissan taxi survived so far.. most taxis in mla are toyota corollas... y??? existing taxi operators know better...
    ganun? bakit dami pa akong nakikitang nissan lec taxi sa daan and lamig parin ang aircon compare to corolla of the same year model.

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    spare parts are also expensive
    Please check your parts list. Toyota Genuine Replacement Parts are not exactly wallet friendly. The proliferation of third-party replacement (and sometimes inferior or counterfeit) parts is what keeps the Yotas going. Of course third party manufacturers also make parts for other car brands including Nissan, Kia, heck even Suzuki has el cheapo replacement parts.

    Comparing a Sentra to a Vios is not exactly apples to apples. The Sentra is competes in the next size class. The only reason these two probably meet is because the subcompact Vios is priced closed to the Sentra (subcompact cars at compact prices, what a deal!) and because Nissan still offers a wide variety of engines for its Sentra compact sedan (1.3, 1.6, 1.8).

    i never saw a kia taxi survived too...
    Maybe you were too busy hanging out at the Toyota dealership :lol: Those Kia Prides should get an award for being one of the most 'field repairable' vehicles on the road today. You can practically take one apart and rebuild it using only the OEM tools.

    Btw, I'm not affiliated with any vehicle manufacturer nor any taxi company. I'm just stating my views on the matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by valskie01 View Post
    ganun? bakit dami pa akong nakikitang nissan lec taxi sa daan and lamig parin ang aircon compare to corolla of the same year model.
    Yung B14 1.4JX sa ospital naka-survive naman despite almost zero maintenance and the most ham-fisted drivers. Ang lamig pa din ng a/c. Inaayos lang yun kapag hindi na talaga umaandar. I'm amazed it has managed to survive for so long despite being treated so badly.
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    Oct 2006

    m not a toyota dealer hahahaha nah... thats too much..

    as i said visit iloilo and see for yourself.. you will be surprise with what you see here...

    why not talk to taxi drivers for feedback... ride one... get their views.. after all, they will be the 1 driving the taxicab and paying the rent.. they are the customers...

    as i said earlier, call Bong Suntay... the operator of Basic Taxi and president of taxi association in Manila.. He is using toyota corolla but he bought nissan recently too...

    running a taxi business is no joke... you need to consider the cost of maintenance after 2 years... thats the expense part.. you need to consider how much the drivers are willing to pay for rent.. thats the income part.. if your taxicab will have a high consumption rate the drivers will most likely pay a lesser rental.. sayang...

    for rio... well i dont trust kia... vios 1.3j cost P 558000 as per my latest inquiry... why go for kia then?? you dont need automatic windows and locks for taxicabs.. they are added maintenance in the future...

    if you decide to call Bong Suntay.. just give my regards.. tell him joseph from Iloilo..

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    Oct 2006

    by the way, drivers preference on type of cars to be used as taxicab counts... but its not really a deciding factor...

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    Oct 2002
    Even our current driver is an ex-taxi driver. He earned more as a cabbie but the risks of the job were becoming too much for him. And he's not exactly bending backwards for Toyota.

    As I've said, maintenance is inexpensive not because Toyota parts are cheap, but because there are numerous third party spare parts manufacturers playing the market. Taxi cabs aren't even serviced by Toyota dealers. They make up the bulk of people I see at Cruven and Mang Mario.

    It's not surprising to see a lot of Toyota cabs on the road today. You can sell them on blind faith alone. I already asked a cabbie why he drives a Yota. 'Toyota kasi' is the only reason he could give. :lol:

    why go for kia then
    Because Toyota dealers give me headaches. Parang ayaw magbenta ng sasakyan. Dealers of not-so-popular brands will try everything short of sleeping with you just to get a sale. I know taxicabs arent' serviced at the dealer, but if you try to get a Kia serviced at the dealer, you'll be treated like a king. Try to get a Yota serviced at the dealer across the Kia dealership, you'll feel like the family driver. Sheesh.
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    Aug 2003
    di pala pwede vios taxi jan sa atin? i was also thinking of getting a vios for taxi purposes din sana e. pero dito sa saudi walang wala sila dito, puro "camry" lang naman ang taxi dito.

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    Oct 2002
    Correction, pwede naman pala gawing taxi yung Vios. Hay. Looks like they wanted me to hold out for the Avanza. Dapat lang daw pa-pinturahan ko ng puti yung Vios. Charge daw nila ako 30K each. I think sa labas na lang ako papa-paint when the time comes.

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