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    Aug 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    better, with more body control) and the engine is good, though not as powerful as the Toyota 3.0 D4D or the Ford 3.0 TDCi. Still, this car has more refinement than most ladder-frame trucks, a true low-range 4WD option, a punchy engine and a great interior.

    Okay... so it looks funny... but so what? You're going to be sitting inside it, anyway...

    is this available here already? meron pa other pics. baka lang pangit tong angle na'to

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Gen. Miting View Post
    is this available here already? meron pa other pics. baka lang pangit tong angle na'to
    General... please click the link below for the full review & more pictures:

    Looks ok to me... but my wife hates it.
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    Jan 2008
    My cousin own a sta.fe 4x4. she told me that its hard to get 8 to 10 km/liter on city driving no heavy traffic., i wondering why, the displacement of sta.fe is only 2.2 high hP and high torque but the fuel consumption are not good..

    This mean that the engine displacement is not a factor for fuel consumption when the horse power is greater.?

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    Jan 2008
    my point actually. some friends say na nakaka average sila na 10-12km/l s 2.5L diesel fort on mixed driving . e sta fe lower displacement higher torque and power dami complain na malakas consumption ave of 6km/l to as -high of 8km/l in city.para bang higher hp and torque equals higher fuel consumption.

    i have my altis also baba ng hp and torque rating but so far happy ako sa consumption around 9-10 city 12-14 hi way decent power and acceleration.

    and lets face it sooner or later you will need to sell the suv how many would you think are willing to buy a 3-6y/o hyundai suv? maybe if you lower the price low enough. reliability and if the resale value will hold is yet to be seen if it will compare to starex okay na sana if same depreciation lang ng starex acceptable na. but looking sa buy and sell re tucson, matrix, elantra masyadong mababa nila binebenta and parang hindi ganon kadami ang mga interested to buy. just my 2 cents.. no offense to sta fe owners.

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    Jan 2008
    zaza.altis * This mean that the 3.2 Montero sports and 2.2 Sta.Fe are almost the same on the fuel comsumption? tsk stk.

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    Jul 2003
    we all have our opinions, and mostly comes from what we have read or heard. not necesssarily from our own experience, but from collective experiences. car reviews, even in some forums are biased, because they are just plain people like us all, who have our own biases, even if you don't think so.
    in the end, the buyer and the money will decide. not even the most expensive suv around will be flawless. remember, they are but made by humans, who through the ages have been struggling to make something out of what is available in this earth.

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    Aug 2004
    Well, of course, everybody on this page just happened to ignore my post on the previous page... again:

    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    City driving makes for bad fuel economy. Even the Ford Focus TDCI, which can get 20 km/l on the highway, can get as low as 8 km/l in traffic. You can get 5 km/l or so in a Fortuner or an Everest in city driving. I've done it. Hell, a Veracruz is more fuel efficient than a Fortuner 3.0, and the Veracruz makes nearly twice the power with the same sized diesel (though I hate the ride... it's much softer and bouncier than the Santa Fe's, though not as bad as the old Starex or Sorento.)

    Hell... even the Honda City,which can get an amazing 20-30 km/l in eco-runs, can get as low as 8 km/l in city traffic... or less.
    You cannoot compare pure highway or mixed highway-city driving to city driving. City drives are shorter, which means less warm-up time and more cold-running. Highway drives are at steady speed (more economical)... mixed drives are much longer, thus, more economical...

    The Fort 2.5 can do 10-12 on mixed driving, but this doesn't say anything about city-only driving. My Crosswind gets 12 in mixed driving, but only 8 km/l in the city... and the Crosswind isn't as heavy as the Fort... I'd wager the Fort 2.5 should do between 6-8... since the 3.0 does between 5-7 in traffic.


    RE: Resale value: is based mostly on market perception... and as market perception of Hyundai changes for the better, I expect it to go up. The good thing for Hyundai is that they didn't penetrate the local market completely back in the early 90's, like Daewoo... as their cars back then were so bad that people would never have given them the chance they're giving them now...

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jan 2007
    im learning from the discussions. informative. PEACE

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    Jul 2008
    Ummh...thread is getting hot...arguments erupt as discussion is becoming opinionated.

    All of this 3 SUV has a different characteristic.
    Lets us take this statement from here...perception or otherwise...

    Sta Fe
    -very refined but perceived to be an on-road vehicle...if I were to live in Metro Manila and nearby provinces I will take this one for a daily drive.

    -the most "truckish" SUV if I may say so. Actually mabenta ito in the provinces where roads are not exactly in pristine conditions but not as many as the Fortuner. IMO, it still suffers from the stigma of the Ford brand -low resale value.

    -mas mabenta kaysa Everest and I can enumerate a lot of reasons:
    -brand loyalty, price, etc.
    -its decent enough to be a "party" vehicle and brute and capable as a home-to-farm transporter.

    -let us just say the "underdog" of the group.
    -some may have issues with the external look but may possess the most economical and robust engine among the brethren CRDIs.

    Correct me if I'm wrong...majority of those who had their replacement for their aging Terranos, Fieldmasters, and Troopers shift to the Fortuner.

    And this is precisely the market share the 2nd gen Montero Sport is targeting.

    So what's the point...those that are scouting in the sub-2M mid-size SUV market tend to belong in either of two groups:

    One...those that value comfort, refinement, luxury...(in some markets they tend to be technically labeled as "crossovers")...would perhaps consider the Sta Fe, Sorento, Rexton, etc...

    The other group....are those that wants a "go-everywhere" vehicle...bruskong-brusko ika nga...these are the people that would gravitate towards the Everest and Fortuner.
    The Montero Sport will eventually eat in to this market.

    In a sentence, sedan-based platforms vs. truck-based platforms.

    Definitely,there are pros and cons. As a prospective buyer, what is one's preference of use? Kasi sa presyo di nagkakalayo.

    Just my thoughts.....

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    Aug 2008
    Sta Fe is really rumored to be a low on the FC side. masaya ka na kung maka-reach ka ng 8km/ltr city. but this value I believe is consistent for all current new generation diesel SUVs. the Fort, the Everest, the Captiva and I think even the New Montero cannot escape this. this is Manila city roads we are talking about, that's the problem.

    regarding resale value, all big cars now will have low resale value even if you have a well taken care of fieldmaster pajero or even a selling a slightly used Fort. diesel has no advantage anymore and big cars are not really appealing these days.

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