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    Apr 2007
    Mas matibay parin talaga yung oldies..

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    I would go either with the Audi Q7 or the Mercedes-Benz GL. Both can stand better to variations on the fuel's quality than the Range Rover. The LC200 must be as good as the classical Landcruisers, but the European luxury SUVs have a nice look. About the diesel Cayenne: it shares the same engine with the Q7, but has a different tuning.

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    Oct 2002
    Go with the ml, since it isa new body. Q7 hasbeen around since 07, due for a new bodu soon.

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    Jul 2011
    CAYENNE DIESEL! around 7.4m... you wont go wrong

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    Mar 2010
    Range rover is the the best out of all your choices, reliability issues are known only on the earlier range rovers. If the MB GL's out yere has the same features as the one they are selling in the states, then that would be my next choice. The q7 while in my opinion is the best looking SUV available in the market right now, the interior and quality isn't as great as the RR/MB-GL/X5.

    And to those asking if the price difference of the german cars is worth it, i'd say yes. Our family has owned a lot of cars including the pajero, land cruiser, patrol, expedition, suburban and more. The quality, features, performance and luxury the european suv's has can't be compared to american and asian suv's. When you're driving a european car you can truly feel the class it brings and feel that you're driving an expensive car.

    Btw bakit walang x5 sa choices mo?

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    Nov 2010
    Oo nga, walang X5? Pero meron Cayenne Diesel AFAIK.

    Pero sa mga pics, I'll go with the RR.

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    Aug 2005
    Mayroon kaming Q7 and LC200. (baka kasi may magtanong naman sa akin kung mayroon ako...q7 and lc200)...

    LC200 is more practical and cheaper to maintain. Kung hindi ka naman maselan, get the gray unit.. mas madaming feature compared sa local.. Our LC is the dubai version, 2008 model, so far wala kaming problema. Besides, unlike with european cars, walang problema kung gusto mo pa PMS sa toyota dealers.

    Q7 is more luxurious than the LC200.. Specially yung sports edition nila... IMHO, kahit 3.0 lang ang engine, feeling ko mas malakas siya... Ride better. My only complain with our Q7 is the higher cost of maintenance.. Required kang dalhin every year sa PGA, since lalabas na sa LCD nya na kailangan na niya ng servicing. Unlike sa Benz and BMW, mas madaming shop ang nagoffer ng service, unlike sa AUDI ...

    Regarding Range Rover, wala akong experience sa kotse, pero check mo na lang yung service center nila.. So far, isa palang tapos the location is not pretty. Yung kotse mo kapag tapos na sa kalsada lang nila nilalagay.. Check mo, na experience na namin yan sa Jaguar... NO Customer lounge.. the CR is so small, I think pang common lang.. Walang coffee dispenser, buti pa si toyota mayroon... PGA has a good resto.. masarap pa food compared with other casa..

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    Mar 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by foresterx View Post

    Btw bakit walang x5 sa choices mo?

    Sir, wala din yatang luxury line ng Toyota, Lexus LX450 sa choices.... Almost the same ba sila ng Toyota LC200?

    How bout mga ibang luxury lines say Infiniti (Nissan) and Acura (Honda) SUV's?

    In quite a related topic pala sir, ang isa sa driver namin ay dating driver ni Gloria Diaz. Sa mga American, European (Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, BMW) and Japanese cars daw ni Gloria Diaz, ang pinaka-gusto daw niyang i-drive ay ang Mercedes Benz. Siempre, kuwento niya ito and i just took it as it is sir

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    Apr 2007
    Lexus LX570 - No diesel option. Tsaka I don't like the looks

    Infiniti QX56 & Nissan Patrol Royale - Ok sana, pero ayun wala rin diesel.

    BMW X5 - Ok sana.. Kaso parating na daw.

    *imperialv: Kamusta naman yung FC nung dalawa? and speaking of PMS, medyo obvious talaga mahal ang Euro cars. Figures naman bro ng PMS ng Q7 vs LC200.

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    Mar 2011

    Boss Starex,

    Pustahan tayo sir tungkol sa PMS, mga more or less yan

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