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    Aug 2008
    Ok, this is a bit different than most comparisons on here, and I appreciate that it's a different market that a lot of us might not be familiar with, but I'm hoping people will still be able to give some advice and recommendations. Here's the situation:

    My sister is about to take her medical residency in the US. She'll be there for at least three years, and she's looking to buy a car for her personal use, which will consist mostly of short drives to and from her apartment to the hospital, with a few longer drives (inter-state) maybe once a month to visit relatives. She wants a compact SUV for safety and comfort reasons, and has a budget of around $25,000. Her main criteria are:

    • Reliability - My sister does not know anything about vehicle maintenance, therefore it is absolutely imperative that the car be one which is reliable and well-behaved - she would not know what to do if the car got a flat tire, let alone engine or mechanical problems. (As an aside, she does plan to learn more about vehicle care while over there, understanding that she won't have family to turn to in case something happens.)
    • Fuel Economy - Ok, an SUV isn't the best choice for fuel economy, but that being said, I'm sure some are more fuel efficient than others?
    • Resale Value - Since she's only going to be there for three years (barring finding position at a US hospital), she will most likely be selling the SUV when her residency is up - so a vehicle which maintains it's value over that time period would certainly be a plus.

    Here are a few we're looking at (at this point, these are only possibilities, and we're more than open to other suggestions that might be better or more appropriate):

    Ford Escape XLT:

    Toyota RAV4 Sport:

    Subaru Forester 2.5X Premium:

    Honda CRV EX:

    Nissan Rogue SV:

    Hyundai Tucson Limited:

    So, any thoughts on which one she should be buy, and why? Are there other vehicles which we should considering? Any inputs would be most welcome

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    Jul 2008
    She can't go wrong with RAV4 and CRV. Both are tried and tested whatever country you go with stable resale values. But i'm curious about the Rogue, it's the urban version of Xtrail plus Bose speakers. The Escape is old already unless she plans to buy the hybrid version. Forester XT and Tucson should be similar here.

    You can try looking at Mitsubishi ASX (Outlander Sport in US) or the Nissan Juke. Read in the forums that the Juke is very fun to drive with good features. But both of these are smaller so check if she's mostly driving alone or with company.

    She can test drive all of them to be extra sure.

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    Apr 2007
    Scratch out the CR-V

    AFAIK the Tucson 2.4 Limited has the best MPG rating. A nice panoramic sunroof and brown leather seats (na sana ganyan din yung color ng leather sa local )

    Yung Nissan Rogue pwede rin kung X-Trail platform yan.

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    Aug 2004
    The CR-V is good, solid transportation. The only reason it suffers in highway MPG is because it's only a five-speed, but that's not a big deal unless your sister cruises at 80 mph. If she's not a car person, she won't.

    The Escape should give her the big-car feel she's looking for... and unlike our local one, it gets the modern 6-speed auto and Duratec 2.5.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Mar 2010
    there are tons of cheap compact suv's available in the states why limit your choices to those? if i were your sister i'd go to every car dealer out there and test drive every thing that is available in her price range, you'll be surprised at how good some of the cars she probably didn't know exist. also with gas prices sky rocketing in the states why not buy hybrids? one piece of advise, some dealers are more than willing to shave of a couple of thousand $ just so you walk out with a car on that day. and don't buy a mitsu in the states, their dealer and after service sucks that's why nalulugi sila sa states.

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    Aug 2004
    With gas prices as unstable as they are now, hybrids are more likely to go out the door with a stiff price premium, so it will pay to go price shopping if you're buying.

    Then again, hybrid sales are down this quarter, so you might just find a dealer willing to unload one at MSRP.

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    Apr 2008
    Want to consider the Kia Sportage?

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    Nov 2010
    Check this one out for starters: Best Affordable Compact SUVs - Best Cars & Trucks - U.S. News Rankings and Reviews

    Also if she wants, she can certainly test drive the Kia Sportage with 2.0 I4 Turbo version. Test drive lang, medyo matakaw yan kahit 2.0
    2.0L I4 TURBO

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    Apr 2007
    I bet mas matakaw yung 2.0 N/A. Yung 2.0T kasi GDi na rin eh.

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    Aug 2008
    Thanks for the replies so far - it's always useful to read the opinions of different people when making decisions.

    *sachiel - It'll mostly be just herself in the car, so a smaller vehicle is certainly acceptable. Is the Escape on a similar platform as ours? I thought it was a newer version, though of course it could all be just looks. I was not aware of the Juke, thanks for bringing it to my attention - another one to look at.

    *SG - Hehe, ayaw na talaga ng CRV? Actually the Rogue does look intriguing, if only because we don't have it here The Tucson really is a looker, and it looks like it offers good value in the US market also.

    *niky - No, I don't think she's going to get anywhere near 80 mph Their Escape certainly looks better than ours, at least IMO. We've actually asked if she's willing to consider buying a sedan instead - more options there I think - but she really wants the compact SUV, and she'll be the one spending the money I'll bring up the possibility of getting a non-SUV hybrid with her though - she just might bite, given that she does have some environmental tendencies :D How reliable are the hybrids though? Added complexity might not be the best thing, given her lack of knowledge with regards to vehicular maintenance.

    *foresterx - As mentioned, we're more than open to other suggestions - it's just that looking at various sites, these are the common ones included in the compact SUV category. Agree that ideally she'll go around at the different dealers to test each option, but given that it's a medical residency, she's not going to have a lot of time to go looking, so we're hoping to get a shortlist of maybe three or four cars she'll check out. With regards to the hybrid, do any of them fall within the 25k price range? Took a look at the Escape hybrid, but it starts at 30k, and given she'll only be using the car for three years, I'm not sure if the fuel savings will be enough to recoup the initial outlay. Thanks for the tip on the dealers - would this be for cash basis or for loans as well? Hmmm, guess I'll scratch any Mitsu cars from the list...

    *GTi - I'd overlooked the Sportage - thanks for bringing it to my attention. This is the all-new one right, same platform as the current Tucson? Might be a good option as well, if that's the case.

    *RY_Tower - Thanks for the link - looks like a good listing of available options. We hadn't considered any of the GM cars, primarily because of the resale factor. Hmmm, might be worth taking a closer look at the Equinox, given the ranking in that list. Heh, baka di rin nya ma-appreciate yun Sportage, she isn't really a car enthusiast. I'll mention it to her though

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