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    Aug 2005
    Alin sa 2 ang pipiliin nyo?

    2.9li CRDI vs 2.5li D4D
    8 seater vs 7 seater
    FF vs FR

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    May 2010
    Carnival. I believe they're on the same price range?

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    Apr 2005
    Innova G because that's what I bought. Sir ang Innova CRdi din. At 8 seater din. actually kaya pa nga 10 kung medium size built ang katawan ng pasahero. Toyota cars are know for their durability. At the same time mura pa ang parts and are readily available. I owned a 98 Revo for ten years. Ang pinalitan ko lang consumables like tires, engine wala pa nagalaw. kahit shocks hindi ako nagpalit. I just had to let go of it because it's a guzzler and opted for a Innova G Dsl AT.

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by SiRbossR View Post
    Carnival. I believe they're on the same price range?
    i think mas mahal yung Carnival since it's a bigger car. Kia Carens ata ang nasa price range ng Innova.

    *TS - Ok ang Carnival being the bigger and more powerful car (and more expensive). If hindi naman problema budget then go for it.

    If you really don't need the extra space and concern mo is fuel economy, then mag Innova ka na.

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    Oct 2002
    Carnival hands down. Lamang in space, comfort, power and safety ratings.

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    May 2005
    I rode a Carnival LWB EX (the one with the electronic sliding doors and hatch). Entire round trip to Tagaytay from 9:45 am to 4:00 pm. Mileage of vehicle: 33,xxx kms. Purchased: 2009. Suspension was already shot (kalampag) over even the smallest pot hole. Aircon at the back was making a really loud noise (like a jet engine). Overall quality and appearance of interior plastics are terrible. Really cheap plastics inside. Something not out of place in a China car. The electronic sliding doors and hatch was really terrible bec. there was some kind of delay in the system. Unwary users would press the button and the system would not respond immediately so they end up pressing it multiple times, making it even more unresponsive. This vehicle even started belching black smoke (evident with every depress of the accelerator) even when it was only a few weeks old.

    If I were to make a sweeping verdict on Korean designed and manufactured vehicles based on this vehicle alone, then I would say Korean manufacturers have improved alot but they still cannot match the Japanese in terms of build quality. Maybe in the coming years.

    The Innova might be engineered and priced for the developing countries (or "third world" for that troll of a ford fiesta fanboy) but I still like it better overall than the Carnival. The Carnival can definitely haul more things and people, if we are talking about the LWB.

    PS: We also own a 2011 Innova E M/T

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    Oct 2011
    you will never go wrong with an Innova.

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    Apr 2008
    That's odd. Isolated case lang kaya yan? Could it be that you got a lemon unit? Naayos ba under warranty

    I'd get the Carnival. The ride is certainly of a much higher class, performance is much better (though gas mileage may not be as good) than the Innova. And its a true minivan, and not a pickup made to do minivan duties so the interior space is much more abundant being of a unibody construction.

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    Aug 2004
    Could be the owner. I mean, I've seen Innovas smoke when new and the fabrics and foam Toyota uses sometimes breaks down under hard use. I've been in Forts and Innovas with the plastic wearing thin and the head-rests coming apart... but the heavily-used Innova of our school is in good condition.

    Undeniably, the Carnival will need more maintenance down the line. The suspension set-up is a bit on the soft side for the weight, and power-doors are often a pain-in-the-ass. (On the Town&Country, they're also problematic, and they drain the battery quickly if you use them while parked). The engine is also bigger.

    The SWB version doesn't have much in the way of cargo space. The LWB, with the folding third row, is better, but the third row seats are heavy and hard to maneuver, and folding them often can misalign the soft metal on the hinges and locks.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Apr 2008
    *TS: Which variant are you getting? LX or EX?

    *niky: The Carnival SWB is still bigger than the Innova in all dimensions, so cargo space should still be better than the Innova, I suppose? And AFAIK walang power doors ang SWB diba? Our Korean neighbor owns a 2007 SWB Carnival and they're still using it now which should indicate that it doesn't have many gremlins, right?

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Kia Carnival SWB vs Innova G